No-BS Manifesting Course Review

Wouldn’t you like to uncover the missing parts to The Secret and learn to use the Law of Attraction to effectively manifest more abundance into your life? That sounds entirely awesome, but just how do you go about that?

The No-BS Manifesting Course was developed to help people struggling with the law of attraction to finally master how to apply it. In this review, we’ll take apart everything inside the course just for you to make a fully informed decision before purchasing.

Is the program a scam? Is it going to work for me? How can I make the most of it? In this complete No-BS Manifesting Course review, I’ll help you to answer those questions and provide you with everything you need to make a clear decision.

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What Is The No-BS Manifesting Course?

The No-BS Manifesting Course is a program developed by Inspire3 that is positioned to take you to a higher level of manifesting then you’ve ever experienced before. It’s a legitimate course created by a company with a strong reputation for developing life-changing courses in the personal development space.

The program is founded on the “going-all-in” on manifestation mentality and makes use of scientific principles that can help to re-wire the brain to switch from a “wishing” state to a state that will actually “manifest”.

As you might have known, I’m a big fan of “going all in” instead of sitting on the fence on things. Especially when it comes to things like the manifesting and the law of attraction which is what this program is all about. Hence it appealed to me right away.

You know the feeling when you just finished a motivational course and you’re all hyped up, but in a week’s time the fire has all but died out? That’s why it’s important to go all in on something when you’re feeling inspired instead of dragging your feet and with a “i’ll see how it goes attitude”. Because in the pursuit of success, that kind of attitude just never works out.

Why the name “No-BS”? I supposed it’s the creator’s way of saying that this is real deal. The program is precise and straight to the point. No excuses or fluffy talk, just straight hard talk on what you need to do in order to start manifesting your dream life.

Excited to find out more about what you’re getting into? In the next section we’ll take a deep dive into the full product bundle.

What’s Inside The Course?

No-BS Manifesting Course

When you get the No-BS manifesting course, you’re actually in for a bundle of real value! Here’s the list of the full value (including bonuses) that you’ll be getting for the price of one guide.

  1. No-BS Manifesting Guide (PDF format)
  2. 5-Step Manifesting Cheatsheet
  3. The Manifesting Movie (30 minute inspiring documentary)
  4. Manifesting Autopilot (Hypnosis Audio Tracks)
  5. Listen-Along Manifesting Audio

No-BS Manifesting Guide (111 page eBook)

No-BS Manifesting Guide

In my opinion, it’s a ton of value that you’re receiving because the guide itself is powerful enough but you also get to enjoy all the other bonuses that really enhance your overall experience and the effectiveness of the program.

The No-BS Manifesting Guide is a 111 page eBook that is simply astounding. It is as the title describes – No BS. The book tells it as it is eliminating all the fluffy nonsense that one might have grown accustomed to hearing after being in the law of attraction space for a while.

It’s not a shortcut to manifestation, although you WILL eventually get there if you apply the principles consistently. This isn’t for wishful dreamers who want a program that will help them “manifest millions of dollars” just by sitting on the coach and thinking about making money. It’s for people who are actually willing and motivated to do the work in order to get the results that they so richly deserve.

Apply the principles, do the work, and manifest an abundance-filled life. No-BS, no excuses.

Law of Attraction Hypnosis Bundle

As a bonus to purchasing the program you also get a collection of hypnosis tracks that I’ve found to be really amazing especially for doing meditation, affirmations, taking a walk or even just to calm down and relax.

These audio tracks complement the 5-step manifesting process perfectly by helping to rewire your subconscious mind to block of negative beliefs and become much more receptive to positive thoughts.

Some of the tracks have voice overs and there are a variety of guides to choose from. There are tracks made by Julie-Ann Amos, Leslie Riopel, Stuart Ashing, and Catherine Jackson just to name a few. In particular I enjoy the one’s by Stuart Ashing. It was easy to follow and visualize with his guidance.

The Manifesting Movie

The Manifesting Movie is a 30 minute movie that basically walks you through a powerful 5-step process that you can apply when you want to manifest any object of desire. The best part? This movie is offered free on

I don’t want to say too much to spoil the experience for you when you watch, but basically here’s what you’re going to get from watching it:

  • The reason why 94% of people fail with the Law of Attraction (and how not to fall into that category)
  • A 5-Step manifesting technique
  • Tips & Insights on how to apply the Law of Attraction by experts
  • Personal experience sharing
Watch the Manifesting Movie


  • Super value-for-money – you get an entire life-changing program bundle for just the price of a new book
  • Guide is easy to follow and implement, the 5-step manifesting process really works!
  • Bonuses are really enticing and complement the main program very well
  • 100% money-back guarantee for ONE YEAR – that’s the longest guarantee I’ve seen for a law of attraction program
  • You get instant access to all resources immediately after you make the purchase
  • No need to wait for long shipping times that will delay your manifestation opportunities


  • Fully digital product (if you’re looking for a physical copy then you’re gonna have to print it out yourself)
  • This is no shortcut or magic pill, if that’s what you’re looking for then you’re in the wrong place
  • You’ll need to put in hard work and persistence in order to experience full results

Is The Manifesting Program Based on Science?

The thing I love about Inspire3 programs is that they’re all deeply rooted in science and not just based on hearsay, speculation or the opinion of some experts (which as we know can be very subjective).

The law of attraction can be very subjective and the method of application may differ based on different schools of thought. However, the No-BS Manifesting program makes use of scientifically proven methods as well such as positive subliminal programming and hypnosis audios that will rewire your brain to concentrate and act only upon thoughts that breed success.

The stuff inside this bundle works. If you follow the instructions and apply them conscientiously, you’ll begin to see results very soon. Don’t worry so much about when will you see results of your manifestation, but rather the focus on the process. Have fun, and manifest big dreams at the same time!

The Creators of No-BS Manifesting

The No-BS Manifesting course was created by a company called Inspire3, who are also the same guys behind Subliminal Guru and Hypnosis Live. Yup, they’ve got a pretty good track record for coming up with life-changing personal development programs over the years so we know for sure the program has got reputation.

What I particularly liked about this program as well was the extensive use of experts in the field that they’ve involved in the making of the Manifesting Movie as well as for the course.

I’m talking about some of the biggest figures in the personal development industry! Just take a look at the line-up below:

1. Karl Moore (CEO of Inspire 3)

Karl Moore - Inspire3

Karl’s the CEO of Inspire3 and has created multiple acclaimed personal development programs like Subliminal Guru, HypnosisLive, Raikov Effect and Zen12. He’s a successful entrepreneur and best-selling author.

Rikka Zimmerman (Consciousness Leader)

Rikka Zimmerman - Consciousness Leader

Rikka is an internationally acclaimed personal development speaker, leader and author in consciousness. She’s worked alongside various other renown loa thought leaders like Wayne Dyer, John Assaraf and many more.

Carl Harvey (Abundance Book Club)

Carl Harvey - Abundance Book Club

Carl is guy behind Abundance Book Club and several other mastermind groups. He has invested over $250k into studying the Law of Attraction and applying its principles to manifest a life of abundance.

Dawn Clark (Jumpstart Your Wealth Gene)

Dawn Clark - Jumpstart Your Wealth Gene

Dawn is an internationally renown best-selling author, speak, advisor and creator of next-generation technologies. She is passionate about teaching people to overcome genetic code limitations and live at their fullest potential.

Paul Gunter (Greater Minds &

Paul Gunter is a big-time entrepreneur and co-founder of Greater Minds (one of the largest personal development publishing companies).

Lily Jenson (Money Reiki Master)

Lily is a certified reiki master and has in energy healing. She left her good paying job in the corporate world to follow your her soul;s purpose and has been helping many others achieve abundance worldwide.


Let’s be real, the entire program doesn’t even cost more than a book but packs an entire bundle of value. So if you ask me it’s quite a no-brainer. The program is definitely worth the price, especially if you’re looking to improve your life and bring yourself closer to living in abundance.

The No-BS Manifesting guide is clear, concise and the audio tracks are an amazing complement to the full program. If you’re anywhere serious about applying the law of attraction to manifest, then you should definitely pick this program up.

Not to forget there’s a one-year money back guarantee so it’s really a risk-free purchase when you get this program. Customer Reviews

No BS Manifesting Course Testimonial

No-BS Manifesting Guide


Overall Score



  • Value for money
  • Very good program bonuses included
  • Easy to follow and implement
  • Instant access to all resources on purchase
  • 1 year 100% money-back guarantee


  • Fully digital product
  • You'll need to put in some effort to see results
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