Wesley Virgin Overnight Millionaire Review

If you’re reading this post, I’m sure you’ve come across Wesley Virgin’s Overnight Millionaire System and perhaps you’re wondering does it really work? Is worth spending money on the program or is Overnight Millionaire actually a scam?

This honest review will attempt to answer your queries based on my own personal experience with the Overnight Millionaire system in order to see if it is indeed a good fit for you.

A Complete Review of Overnight Millionaire System by Wesley Virgin

Have you been told before that there’s no such thing as getting rich quick?

Well chances are, the people who said that are often not rich themselves. Because rich people believe that wealth can be quickly and easily accumulated. The problem then lies with the mind.

The Overnight Millionaire system is a comprehensive program that will change the above limiting belief, among with hundreds of other limiting beliefs about money that you may have accumulated from the past. It will teach you the methods to attract massive wealth quickly in a short period of time, but more importantly it will change your success mindset to one that is free from limitations of mental inhibitions.

What is the Overnight Millionaire System?

If you’ve already watched the sales pitch video you’ll be amazed at the overwhelming amount of love pouring in for Wesley and his system to that has helped to transform the lives of so many others.

Overnight Millionaire Wesley Virgin

The Overnight Millionaire system is a transformational system, not only because it promises to help you get more money, but because it involves transforming your entire life and mindset to one of abundance and success. Wesley is undoubtedly one of the most powerful transformational speakers and the results from so many successful students speak for themselves.

How Does Overnight Millionaire Work?

In the system you’ll be given elite strategies to implant powerful beliefs that drive positive habits and behaviors, thus changing your entire life into one where you are empowered and in full control of your success. The program revolves around applying a powerful technique of re-programming the brain to become opened to receiving massive wealth and success on prompting.

Wesley explains that he combines techniques used like neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis and brainwave manipulation to “implant” new beliefs about wealth into the mind. This powerful re-programming forces the mind to “expect” riches and to already feel rich even if you have no money yet. The key to getting rich is in creating an abundance mindset way before the wealth starts pouring in.

What’s Inside the Overnight Millionaire system?

This system is packed full of resources so be sure to check them out below. In order to ensure that it really works, you’ll need to be ready to apply all of the techniques in the program.

Because I already purchased the system, I’m able to give you a sneak peak of what’s inside. Here’s what you’re going to get if you decide to purchase the package:

overnight millionaire system

1. Overnight Mindset Hacks Audio Series (5 Tracks)

Audio tracks

This is an important part of the program where the powerful audio series are actually a technique of communicating to the subconscious mind in order to remove all limiting thoughts. If you listen to these tracks every night, your brain will be programmed to attract wealth and success. A lot of research on neuro-linguistic programming has gone into calibrating the audio frequencies to target susceptible brainwaves to get you primed for a successful life.

2. Fast Start Mind-Hacks Execution Cheat Guide

This resource is your very own cheat sheet to execute the system in a quick and concise manner. Following it is crucial for you to achieve financial freedom within a short span of time.

3. The Mindset Hacks Guided Transcendental Meditation Experience

This video will provide you with an easy-to-follow guide for transcendental meditation that can provide you with a life-altering out-of-body experience. Many of the most rich and successful people in the world practice this form of meditation, and you will learn why.

4. The Untold Secret Behind Journal Writing to Manifest

An important part of the program also lies with keeping a manifesting journal to record your progress as you start to accumulate success into your life. This is to keep you on track with your goals and to ensure that you are taking a step closer to them every day.

5. How to Creatively Visualize and Manifest Things Faster

This part of the Overnight Millionaire system thoroughly explains how to start visualizing and manifesting the things you want more efficiently.

6. How to Become a Personal of High Value in the Eyes of People

Learn how to raise your value and sense of self-worth, especially with the people around you. This is important because in order to achieve a 100% abundance mindset, you must also be confident of your own abilities and project this confidence onto others. This might seem like a subtle change to the people around you, but its effects go a long way to making you quickly accumulate wealth fast when they take you a lot more seriously.

7. How to Create Multiple Streams of Income without Spending a Dime

This was perhaps one of most interesting components. Everything that you thought was impossible is in fact possible, this module will challenge you to broaden your perspectives and identify areas in your life that you can capitalize on to turn into income streams for yourself.

8. How to Become a Master At Persuasion

Persuasion is a quality that is essential for all top business man and entrepreneurs. This resource will boost your confidence and allow you to win people over to your side in different social situations.

Who is Wesley Virgin? The Creator of Overnight Millionaire System

In the videos and guide we see Wesley as a flamboyant and successful entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to show his success to the audience. He does so in the hopes of getting attention so that he change the lives of people by sharing his techniques and system. But who exactly is Wesley Virgin and what is his social standing?

As it turns out, Wesley is actually a well know entrepreneur who has been featured on many large publications for his. He is also well connected to several prominent business man who have made millions (see the testimonial video below).

Wesley Virgin Profile - Who is Wesley Virgin?

Whilst these publications give big insights into his background and methods, these mainstream publications can’t share the real truth behind how wealth is built with the mind, which is taught in the Overnight Millionaire system.

The bio in his website reveals a lot more about the man. Wesley Virgin is the creator of Virgin Media and a self-made millionaire with an extensive network of online information products. He was a US army veteran and also worked in a corporate job where he was earning 6-figures.

Although he had dedicated much time to his corporate job, he was eventually laid off and it was then that he decided to take complete ownership of his financial freedom. As a serial entrepreneur who has earned over $30 million in a year by selling digital products which empower people, Overnight Millionaire System is Wesley’s flagship program where he shares the method of how he was able to achieve such astounding success online.

Here’s a video of Grant Cardone (real estate mogul and author of “Be Obsessed or Be Average”) and Kevin O’Leary (Mr Wonderful from Shark Tank) praising the man for his accomplishments and program.

Overnight Millionaire System Discount Code

Here’s a tip if you’re looking to get the system by Wesley Virgin, there’s actually a discount code (IWANTTHISNOW) that will shave a few dollars off the product cost. Not many people may know this, but if you scroll down to the bottom of the sales page you’ll see a button that will automatically apply the code for you if you click on it! (See the screenshot below).

Overnight Millionaire System Discount Code IWANTTHISNOW

The discount it’s super huge, but hey it’s still savings right? Frankly, I’m not too sure how long it’ll last for so you can try to make the most of it while you can!


The social proof for this program is overwhelming. When I first was introduced to Overnight Millionaire system and Wesley Virgin I was surprised by the amount of social support that he had and honestly that was what made me want to try it out, to see how this guy has touched the lives of so many different people.

And good thing I wasn’t disappointed. There is just a crazy amount of people attesting to the fact that Wesley has changed their lives and I am confident that he will be able to help you too.

This isn’t just a program on positive thinking or telling you to do the “hard work” required to make you rich – there are TONS of poor people who are positive and work hard. This a system that will program you to accumulate wealth with the mind.

The Overnight Millionaire system has the true potential to be life-changing and can open the floodgates to abundance if you are open to it. I would definitely recommend that you check it out especially since there is a 60-day money back guarantee (at any point you do not like the program you can always request for a refund).

WARNING: There may be many other sources “selling” this program but not many are from the legitimate owner, so their prices may be marked up, you may not get the full program and you don’t get the money back guarantee.

If you’re interested to take your earnings to a higher level, I highly recommend that you get the original program through the link below (for the best price and warranty).

(Editor’s Note: this post was originally published in 2019 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness in 2020)

Overnight Millionaire System by Wesley Virgin


Ease of Use




Money Back Guarantee


Social Proof



  • The method has been proven and endorsed by thousands of people
  • An overall self-development system - not just a way to get rich quick
  • Works for anyone regardless of your starting point
  • The system is easy to implement


  • Fully digital product (might not appeal to those who prefer hard copies)
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