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The Standing Man – How Persistence Will Lead You to Greatness

Bridge of Spies Poster

Bridge of Spies: Conviction Overcomes Fear

In this compelling film directed by Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks plays a stoic laywer, James B. Donovan, who attempts to defend Rudol Abel (Mark Rlyance) an alleged Russian spy.

A reenactment of what happened in real life, James is portrayed firm in his convictions and values which he will not compromise even in the face of intimidation from the CIA.

This was all taking place during the Cold War

In a time of great fear and uncertainty.

Where many lesser man would have succumbed to the fear instead of taking the path less traveled.

Yet James never wavered from his principles even when adversity struck time and again.

The essence of the film revolves around the concept of a “Standing Man”.

Which is explained by my favourite scene in the film…

The Ideology of a “Standing Man”

Here’s the landmark scene:

Стойкий мужик (Stoykiy muzhik)

It refers to a man who possesses an unwavering spirit.

Someone who chases a definitive purpose, without caving in to external pressures.

In line with the famous words of a founding father:

Energy and Persistence Conquers All Things

Benjamin Franklin

They accept that not every situation may be favourable.

Yet when fear strikes hard, these men will not cave in to its demands.

Their purpose is resolute.

Persistence guarantees that results are inevitable.

Never Accepting Defeat

What does it take for you to follow through with your convictions?

Standing up for what you believe in requires immense courage and the willing to sacrifice.

Especially so when no one else backs you.

It is likely in your quest for success that you face many afflictions.

You may be tested, beaten and faced with failure you would never wish on your enemies.

The option to cave in or to push forward is a constant laborious battle.

The Source of Courage – Self-Confidence

To become an unstoppable force that will not give in to fear or doubt, one must first steel himself with the right mindset.

Believe in your own ability to uphold your convictions is the necessary ingredient.

Purge all negativity and self-doubt… and establish your confidence.

This will form the foundation for your efforts.

A man who begins on a quest without first believing in his ability to achieve it is doomed to failure from the start.

James Donovan and Rudol Abel both possessed this strong quiet confidence.

Walking testimonies of the Standing Man principle till the very end.

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