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How Positive Self-Affirmations Shape Your Brain & Alter Reality

Over the past 35 years, I have been actively practicing the Law of Attraction to consciously create my life. Undoubtedly, the avid use of self-affirmations have been an integral part of my journey to manifesting my dream life.

People often overlooked powerful benefits of affirming oneself and your believes for just a few minutes every single day. The truth is that using positive affirmations allows you to control and dictate your own internal narrative which ultimately leads to a heightened ability to control your own situation and outcomes.

Whether or not your believe in the Law of Attraction, scientific research has shown that self-affirmations play a part in activating the brain which subsequently influences future outcomes.

Affirmations Activate the Brain’s Reward Centers

These reward centers (the ventral striatum and ventromedical prefrontal cortex) are the same ones the respond to pleasurable experiences. What this means is that activating these reward centers allows you to achieve a heightened feelings of happiness, decrease pain and reduce stress levels – all of which contributes to and improved quality of life.

These positive brain activation works best when using future-based prompts which is why we always focus on future outcomes when speaking self-affirmations.

Everything Will Always Work Out In The End

The primary narrative that I always use when applying positive affirmations is “everything always happens for my benefit“, or in other terms “everything will always work out in my best interest“. I have reused this line for so long that I now truly believe and trust that there is nothing in life that can bring me down.

No matter how grim the initial situation might be, getting yourself to believe this narrative will form a powerful psychological boost for your brain to overcome even the greatest setbacks. Push aside any sad or negative emotions and feelings from your initial reaction in the situation and believe that everything in your life is always working to deliver the best experience for you.

After decades of applying this as the foundation behind all my affirmations, I can positively say that I have began to stop thinking of mistakes or setbacks as “negative” and instead take comfort in knowing that everything will always work out well in the end. Even tragedies and grief turned out to be opportunities in my life that allowed me to develop a richer and more fulfilling life experience.

Specific Affirmations for Different Areas of Your Life

The believe that life will always work out fine is not specific and a very open-ended which can apply to almost every situation or aspect in your life. I believe that this simple mantra is responsible for creating an abundance of positive vibration that has allowed me to manifest my goals so much more easily.

I no longer shy from “setbacks” and have always pursued my dreams with fervent persistence, because I believe that everything is happening to help me achieve the best in my life. It has allowed me and my wife to achieve happiness, mindfulness and constant childlike anticipation for every day!

Adding a few more specific affirmations will definitely help, especially if you are focused on any particular goal at this point in time. Here are some lists that I have curated of affirmations for different categories that you might find helpful.

I’ve also written a guide on what are the best ways you can write and apply positive affirmations in your life.

To end of this post I would just like to say, don’t be afraid to fill your life with affirmations and mantras throughout the day. These “simple” lines may seem small but the psychological impact that they have on your brain and overall quality of life is HUGE.

If you want to raise your vibration to start manifesting things quickly then you absolutely have to incorporate affirmations into your daily routine!

Always believe that everything will work out well for you in the end – and it will! 😊

How Positive Self-Affirmations Shape Your Brain & Alter Reality

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