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Mastering the Power of the Subconscious Mind – The Ultimate Guide

Make no mistake, the mind is the most powerful instrument of the human body. It can be your greatest force for good, or it could tear you down from great heights, depending on how you employ it.

You’ve probably heard tales of the tremendous mind power that we possess, and how some people have managed to program their subconscious minds to force it to manifest their greatest desires.

At some point you start to wonder: are infinite riches really within your reach simply with a tweak of your mind?

This article will show you how you can work similar miracles within your life with the mind power techniques employed.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know to master the workings of the subconscious mind. It matters not if you’ve had some experience, or your completely new to subconscious mind principles, this comprehensive guide is for you.

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What is the Subconscious Mind?

We all know the existence of a subconscious mind within us, but many people are closed of to their full potential simply because they do not know how to use this incredibly powerful faculty to work in their favor.

The subconscious mind is YOU. It is the secret parts of you that you aren’t consciously thinking about but is still vital to your living. The subconscious mind is the vehicle by which your believes are given form and breathed into life.

One may ask, is the subconscious mind good or bad? The answer is neither. The subconscious mind is neutral. It is the faculty that acts open whatever dominating thoughts and believes that pass through and is accepted by the conscious mind.

The workings of the subconscious mind are responsible for whatever you manifest into your life – be it positive or negative desires.

Subconscious v.s. Conscious Mind – The Duality of the Human Mind

Subconscious Mind vs Conscious Mind

Everyone of us has only one mind, but that mind is split into two distinct mental faculties, each with vastly different function, characteristics and power over your life.

In recognition of this duality of the mind, there have been my names used to distinguish between the two functions. These include names like the objective and subjective mind, the conscious and subconscious mind, the waking and sleeping mind, the voluntary and involuntary mind.

The conscious mind acts as the guardian of the subconscious. It is the faculty that perceives thought suggestions through the five senses and employs reason to determine if a thought should be accepted or rejected.

No suggestion can enter the subconscious mind without the first passing through the conscious mind. In other words, the conscious mind must accept an idea or thought impulse before it can be passed to the subconscious.

This revelation has a very big implication for us. It means that we can communicate directly with the subconscious (and hence influence it to act in a particular manner) by repeated suggestions from our conscious mind.

In the words of Napoleon Hill, “nature has so built us that we have absolute control over the material which reaches our subconscious mind through our five senses” (although the statement does not that we always exercise control consciously).

If you want to change your current external conditions and circumstances, you must change the cause – the internal environment.

How the Subconscious Mind Works

The subconscious mind is an unquestioning servant. It responds to the thoughts within the conscious mind and proceeds to carry out those thoughts strengthened with believe. This is why you can also recreate a better version of yourself by giving a new blueprint to follow for the subconscious mind.

Thoughts and suggestions are “validated” first by the conscious mind and then passed on to the subconscious. Since it is “subconscious”, can cannot entirely control your subconscious mind, but you can voluntarily influence whatever instructions are conveyed to it. Here it is important to note that once the subconscious mind accepts an idea, it immediately begins to work to bring it into reality.

The criteria for an idea to be accepted is believe. Once our conscious mind begins to believe an idea (whether or not it is ultimately true in reality), our subconscious mind will accept it and work to bring that very idea into reality. For instance if I believe that I am not good enough to speak on stage and that I will break down if I address a large crowd, the subconscious mind will ensure that this outcome does happen.

This law is applied to both positive and negative thoughts. If we our thoughts are those of harmony and positivity, then we may immediately experience perfect health, success and abundance.

[Recap] Characteristics of the Subconscious Mind

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind is the gateway to the Infinite Intelligence. It is where your creative intelligence resides and it is able to achieve any feat that you set forth to accomplish. Its only limitations are the intangible ones that we impose upon it through the fears and limiting thoughts of the conscious mind.

All things are possible through the subconscious mind, it has the ability to translate any idea that you hold into its physical equivalent in reality. The only pre-requisite for you to access this fountain of unlimited power is that the idea must first be accepted and BELIEVED by your conscious mind.

The law of belief is uncompromising. Whatever you truly believe, without a shade of doubt, will be manifest into reality. The bible says:

If anyone says to this mountain “Be lifted from your place and hurled into the sea,” and has no inward doubts, but believes that what he says is happening, it will be done for him. I tell you, then, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.

Mark 11:23-24

I have personally witnessed the immense power of the subconscious mind save people from the depths of disease, vice and affliction to make them strong, healthy and full of passion to succeed once more. The subconscious mind can free you from any and all kinds of tangible burdens, it is the tool that allows you to control the situation rather than simply accept the current circumstances.

Subconscious Mind and the Law of Attraction

The subconscious mind applies the Law of Attraction in practice. If we think good, good will follow. If we think evil, evil will follow.

The conscious mind dictates the thoughts, the subconscious mind ensures that it is carried out and in turn we attract the same kind of thoughts that we put out.

If we sow the seeds of happiness, peace, goodwill and prosperity within our mind, the subconscious accepts it and carries it out, in turn bringing about opportunities that will attract similar energies and outcomes.

This is the reason why it is absolutely essential that one must take control of his own thoughts. That is the only way that we can bring about our desired outcomes in life.

Change your thoughts, and you can change your destiny.

Subconscious Mind Programming

Everything that has happened to you up till this point is a result of the thoughts that you have fed to your subconscious mind through believe.

I know it isn’t something that we would like to admit, but all our burdens and afflictions are most likely a result of our own limited thoughts as well. But the good news is: we also have the power to change it!

This is not a power that you need to acquire, it is something that you already possess. It lies dormant within you, but you will have to learn how to activate it in the most effective way.

If we have communicated negative and limiting thoughts to our subconscious mind in the past, it is of the utmost urgency that we should correct them. Remember, the subconscious mind acts IMMEDIATELY on any idea that is accepted through believe.

The best way to correct them is through constant repetition of strong, harmonious and positive thoughts. Believe comes in varying levels and the more we repeat powerful affirmations to ourselves, the stronger our believes grow in time.

In order to successfully program our subconscious mind, here are 3 important pillars that one must adhere to:

Pillar 1: Set The Foundation With Believe

Believe is the starting point of all achievement, and the criteria for thoughts to pass into the subconscious mind. No one starts of with absolute believe (save for some remarkable people). It is something that can be cultivated and nurtured over time, you but you must first accept that what you are trying to achieve is possible for you.

Pillar 2: Apply the Principle of Autosuggestion

Autosuggestion is the use of self-suggestions used to influence your own mind to behave in a particular manner and accept an idea to be true. This is the ONLY way that one can influence the subconscious mind. All the techniques below are simply different methods of applying the principle of Autosuggestion.

Pillar 3: Repetition and Consistency

The mind is a fickle object. It requires constant reminder and motivation, less it sinks into despair or fear. When trying to program the subconscious mind, take note that repetition and consistency is the key. It is easy to be exposed to fear and limiting habits once more as we interact with the rest of the world. The subconscious mind reacts instantly to any thought accepted, hence a passing negative thought could easily do damage if we do not correct it.

That is why it is important to apply subconscious mind techniques repeatedly so as to ensure a harmonious and positive environment for the subconscious mind to work its magic.

Subconscious Mind Power Techniques

The goal behind any program or technique to influence the subconscious mind is to fill it with dominating thoughts. The subconscious mind is especially receptive to suggestions that have been accepted by the conscious mind, and when those suggestions are performed repeatedly until it is ingrained within the subconscious faculty.

These techniques are ways to communicate with our subconscious faculty and induce harmonious behavior in the direction of our goals.

1. Pre & Post-Sleep Technique

The rationale behind this technique is that when we enter into a sleepy state (the kind achieved just before going to bed), the effort of the conscious mind is reduced. Since the conscious mind only functions when we are awake, the groggy state just before sleep inhibits the conscious mind to a degree.

In this state, any pervasive negative thoughts that we hold in our minds are also inhibited, and hence cannot be passed onto the subconscious mind. At this time, we repeat the powerful verse, affirmation or suggestion so as to compel the subconscious mind to take it up in full without the presence of limiting thoughts. The literature shows that this technique is often best for eliminating any negative and destructive habits.

How to Apply:

Ensure that the body is in a comfortable position, then relax yourself and limit any movement.

You can repeat the phrase for 5-10 minutes every night and morning. As the days go by, you will find that the repeated suggestions become stronger.

This way you force the subconscious mind to accept your dominating idea and hence invoke healing and calm.

2. Passing-Over Technique

One of the simplest and quickest methods to apply for an immediate kick to the subconscious mind is this technique. You can use it when you’re feeling down, negative or unwell to induce the subconscious mind to take up your request.

Like in the case of this lady I knew who had was suffering from a cold. She applied the technique and told herself that “the flu was passing away now”, and perfect health was her right. Within the next hour, her flu had totally vanished.

Know that you have been endowed with the full extent of the power from the Infinite Intelligence. Be calm, visualize what end result you want and tell yourself that “this too shall pass”.

3. The Visualization Technique

This technique involves visualizing yourself already in possession of the desired outcome. To see in your mind’s eye (the internal world) your current state already in possession of your goal. Remember all manifestation begins first in the internal environment before being translated to the physical realm through the subconscious mechanism.

When you hold the mental image in your mind, you must think, feel and believe yourself having achieved the dream. Soak in the emotions that you are feeling, and the attitudes you will have now that you have already achieved your desired outcome.

Whenever you are on the verge of doing something big or defining – like going on stage to speak, presenting an important proposal, a job interview, a sales pitch or even a daunting physical challenge, the visualization technique is a powerful subconscious programming technique that can give an instant boost to the subconscious faculty in the right direction. Follow up with quick affirmations for maximum effect.

4. Using Gratitude to Activate the Subconscious – The Gratitude Technique

This method employs the principle that a person with gratitude is always open to the creative forces of the Universe and attracting more positive energies to flow towards him.

Say for example you’re struggling to make ends meet and in desperate need of money. You can apply the gratitude technique by repeating “I am thankful for my wealth”. Do this in a clam, peaceful manner and allow the feeling of thankfulness to take root in your mind.

When you practice this technique of gratitude, you are seeing with your mind’s eye the image of yourself already in possession of the wealth. Realize that at the same time, you are acknowledging that achieving a mindset of wealth has higher priority than any of the physical money that you need at the time.

When your thought substance is already of wealth, the subconscious mind kicks in and ensures that the idea is executed. By repeating your gratitude for the achievement, you instantly eliminate all thoughts of poverty and accept that your desired outcome will come to pass. Doing so will recondition the mind to the idea of wealth, which is exactly what you need.

5. Daily Positive Affirmation Technique

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Affirmations are the secret weapons to manifesting desires. In fact I would go so far as to say that most of my successes where built upon the words of affirmations.

If you want to program your subconscious mind for whatever outcome, you must master how to use positive affirmations.

To affirm is to state that “it is so”. When you repeat the words, you maintain this powerful mental attitude and know with certainty that you will become what you have said.

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