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The Biggest Problem With The Law of Attraction – Is It A Lie?

Having been a long time practitioner and writing countless of articles on the law of attraction, I’ve come to realize that there’s a big problem with the law of attraction.

You see my problem isn’t that it’s wrong or it doesn’t work.

What bugs me is the way this powerful concept is being portrayed in social media and online space.

Manifesting thousands of dollars, a new home, or your soul mate. These are terms are often proudly proclaimed by individuals who have achieved their goals and it’s truly wonderful that they’ve been able to achieve that.

I’m not saying that the law of attraction doesn’t work, the problem lies with the way it’s being framed.

My Problem With the Law of Attraction

When people say things like “I manifested my new job in 2 weeks!” or “I manifested $5,000 in 2 hours”, it gives the impression that manifestation occurs instantly and effortlessly.

These stories perpetuate the idealogy that manifestation means moving from a point of want to a point of success, in a seemingly very short time. It omits the most important part of manifestation: the little things that we manifest on a daily basis which add up and takes us to our dream destination.

That’s why some people get frustrated and sometimes give up trying to apply the law of attraction, they think that they just can’t get the hang of manifesting because they aren’t able to manifest something they want in a couple of days.

“Someone else managed to manifest their soulmate in 5 days and I’m still struggling after 3 weeks.”

Manifesting With The Law of Attraction Isn’t About Instant Success

Being a conscious manifestor is so much more than just “thinking” and trying to convince yourself that it will come true.

Many people think of it as point A and point B. If I use the law of attraction to manifest my dreams I will automatically go from A to B.

This misconception of the law of attraction could cause you dearly. It isn’t about jumping from destinations but rather, manifestation occurs in a series of reinforcing events.

The final manifestation of your dream is the sum of all the small manifesting acts that you have accumulated on your journey to reach your goal. Every day you are manifesting something that brings you closer to your dream if you take action.

So instead of saying “I manifested my dream job in just two weeks!”, the real truth behind that statement is that : I manifested all the little things that allowed me to secure my dream job in 2 weeks.

Here’s how the manifestation journey might look like:

I started out wanting to manifest my dream job.

This ultimately allowed me to secure my dream job.

See the difference?

As opposed to “I trusted in the Universe and my dream job popped out of thin air”, it was the little things that get you to where you want to go.

Don’t neglect the little manifestations in your journey!

Most Common Problems When Using the Law of Attraction

1. Dreaming Too Much and Not Putting in the Work

How would you like to be able to “think something into existence”?

Sounds pretty cool eh?

It’s true that our thoughts when translated to the subconscious mind can eventually be manifested into reality. But the fuel for the vehicle that brings us to that destination is deliberate action, persistence and faith.

So many times I’ve encountered people who think that simply having a positive vibe is sufficient to manifest whatever they want. Having positive vibes is the basic foundation, but it isn’t the most important factor when it comes to manifestation.

2. Don’t Beg, Take Action

I’ve seen so many people “beg” the Universe to give them what they want. Whilst the law of attraction involves having faith that you will attract the right things into your life, simply believing that you will get $10,000 from thin air would be naive.

“There’s no such thing as something for nothing.”

Napoleon Hill

You’ll need to take deliberate action to manifest this dream.

The Universe LOVES when you take action. That’s one of the strongest indicators that you are READY to receive your blessings and it will bring similar opportunities to you.

3. Don’t Compare Your Progress With Others

Everyone’s manifestation is journey is different.

How John manifested $5,000 will be entirely different from how Jane did it. So there’s really no point in comparing how many weeks it took for you to reach your dream.

All you have to do is have the confidence that you will ultimately reach it no matter what comes your way.

Stalking Facebook Pages, Reddit and other social media can sometimes be distracting to your ultimate goal. You can share kind words of encouragement and positivity to inspire others to keep working on their dreams, but don’t compare your progress with theirs.

4. Understand That Manifesting Is a Journey

Manifestation occurs everyday and is defined by the little actions that we do. You may not manifest your final goal immediately but as long as your taking steps to get closer, you are slowly manifesting it into reality.


Manifestation is not a destination. The moment you decide to achieve something, you are already manifesting it into existence.

The law of attraction may seem magical (and it is!) but it’s the little actions you take which add up to create the magic. Develop persistence and know that with each day, you are manifesting your way to your ultimate dream!

I hoped this article managed to clear up some of the common misconceptions that people have about the law of attraction and helped you in your journey one way or another.

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