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Reiki Techniques to Enhance Your Manifestation Power (4-Step Manifestation Morph Model)

Have you ever met someone who seems to have it all – a great career, a loving family, a driven and purposeful life?

Often times, we are inclined to ponder upon how these people reach this blessed stage of ‘having it all’; are they merely the few lucky ones in this world?

Conversely, have you also met someone who seems to never get what they want, no matter how much effort they put in, how hard they try? Chances are, you have met both kinds of people in your life. But perhaps, you’ve never paid much attention to how the ability for them to co-exist in our Universe actually points to a simple mechanism that can explain the theory of luck away.

There lies an overarching power in the universe that is so easy to access, and is absolutely within your reach. It is a power that is always active, but lies just outside of your conscious awareness.

The source of this power is forged within one’s mind – this is the power of manifestation. The positive manifestation that takes place first in the mind is a constant communication with the Universe. Your mind is responsible for telling the Universe what you want to manifest in your life all the time, and this can be greatly enhanced with Reiki techniques.

Flip the Switch of Your Mind to Start Manifesting

Most people let the opportunity to tune in to this great power slip past their fingers because they have ‘switched off’, or desensitized themselves to the inner dialogue of the world around them. Looking inwards, taking time to analyse your thoughts and cultivate an inner dialogue, allows you to tap into the power of manifestation – and that is all generated by your mind.

You must have heard stories from prophets, or other spiritually connected souls trying to urge people to tap into this source of power for ages. There are even many movies and books from the past and recent years that have tried to remind us of this untapped source. Despite that, the inability for most people to flip the switch and tune in has resulted in the inefficient use of this power of manifestation of their mind.

They have directly allowed this power of manifestation that they possess to be the main cause of their failures or successes, without knowing why.

Assess Yourself – Is Your Mind Primed for Manifestation?

Is Your Mind Primed Ready for Manifestation?

Have you ever said YES to any of these?

  1. As you are walking past a store window, you catch a glimpse of your favourite gadget/dress/bag etc but you turn back with a sigh saying to yourself, “wow, I wish that was mine”
  2. You walk into office one day and your colleague struts out with the latest Iphone/dress/shoes/bag etc with an air of elegance and you think to yourself, “I would love to have a new Iphone/dress/shoes/bag etc too”
  3. The month end is drawing near and you constantly check your bank account to see if your company has credited your salary in because there are bills to pay, rent fees to fulfil, grocery lists to complete, and the list goes on
  4. You catch up with an ex colleague of yours who, surprisingly, is still unemployed after 2 years. He laments on how he is unable to find any work in his field and the conversation between you and him is centred around this  

These are just but 4 scenarios that clearly illustrate how the power of manifestation generated by the mind is not being efficiently harnessed. In the above examples, we see the faint motivation to want something, but it is done only half-heartedly.

The occasional jolt of a desire and then letting it go, does not generate sufficient energy for the power of manifestation. Furthermore, in the last scenario, we can clearly see that the focus is placed on the problem of the situation, not on the goal, which effectively steers the power of manifestation in the wrong direction!

Manifestation Begins Now

You can change your life, TODAY. If you have experienced any of the above scenarios before, or would like to help others get out of the rut, you need to start right now. First, you need to learn how to construct a clear and achievable goal.

However, be careful what you ask for – you should never ask for a goal that would harm or violate anyone’s rights. Once you have set up a goal to work towards, Reiki together with the power of manifestation can help morph your goals into physical reality.

The Manifestation Morph Model (4-Step Funnel)

This is a model that can help you to morph your manifestations into a reality. In order to achieve success in your goals, you need to follow through the funnel and invest time, sincere thoughts and energy. 

Step 1: Existence

The path to morph your manifestations into a reality begins with the first spark of existence. When you conceive an idea, you ignite the path for manifestation. This is the stage where ideas exist and fight through the elimination process to remain in your thoughts.

Step 2: Evolution

As you continue to think about the idea you have conceived, it begins to evolve and linger in your mental thoughts. This is the stage where you need to start giving your idea more structure and details, like piecing together the ingredients for a dish you want to cook. Write down the details like how you would write out your grocery list, or even add plans and drawings – the more detailed it is, the better the evolution of your idea.

Step 3: Emotion

In order to follow through the evolution, you need to feed your idea lots of energy – lots of good positive energy. In this stage, it is important to realise that emotions are powerful because they serve as catalysts for manifestation. This is why Reiki and positive emotions are best facilitated in this stage. The best way to fuel your positive emotions is through effective application of positive affirmations.

By investing Reiki and positive energy in this stage, you will slowly start to see how your manifestations can morph your ideas into a more physical form and gets embodied into the physical realm.

Step 4: Embodiment

Everything you see starts in the energy field before it begins to manifest in the physical body. This morph from the energy field to the physical realm through manifestation happens not only for your goals, but for everything – be it for health, for career, for family and so on.

However, you need to first invest in following through the funnel from the Manifestation Morph Model. The presence and accumulation of positive emotional energy as well as the facilitation of Reiki will act as a catalysts to the embodiment of your ideas.

How to Apply the Manifestation Morph Model (Step-by-Step Example)

You have read through the mechanics of the Manifestation Morph Model and now you are here to find out HOW you can start manifesting your ideas into a reality.

Note that while the presence of good positive emotions is mandatory, the knowledge to perform Reiki is not – performing Reiki will act as a catalyst to the physical manifestation of your ideas, but it is not a necessity.      

With all these in mind, you will now walk through a virtual map to morph your positive manifestations into a reality:

Let’s say that now I want to buy a branded luxury bag because I am going to start a new job in a new city and I am hoping this new purchase will give me a boost in confidence as well as increase my social status in my new social environment.

1. Existence

At this very moment of idea Existence, there are definitely many other ideas that are also in my mind that would help me reach the same goal of boosting my confidence and social status. For instance, I could also consider buying a branded luxury wallet, or shoes, or watch.

However, in the Existence stage, I justify my options: a wallet is not very visible to others unless I take it out of my bag, the shoes might wear out quite quickly and it is not something I can wear every single day (because fashion, RIGHT?) and a branded luxury watch might be much more expensive than a branded luxury bag.

Through the process of elimination, I slowly make a decision that YES, a branded luxury bag is the most viable option in terms of budget and visibility, the 2 key factors that I use to assess my options. After this decision is made, I move on to the Evolution stage.

2. Evolution

Now, after deciding that owning a branded luxury bag is the way to go to make my mark in this new phase in life, I start to think about what kind of bag I am looking for.

What brand would it be? Mid-tier or high-tier luxury?

What are the associations with the varying tiers of luxury? Would my new bag be a structured style, or is it more form-fitting?

How many compartments does my new bag promise to hold, a space for my work laptop and my makeup necessities?

What colour will my new bag be? Would it be the colour that is trending at the moment, or should I pick something that is more conservative and can last through the ebbs and flows of fashion trends?

Nurture the growth of your new idea like how you would a baby; the more knowledge (details) you feed, the more robust the growth is. And of course, when you have a concrete and robust image of this idea evolution, you would next be able to shower it with lots of good positive energy and proceed to the Emotion stage.

3. Emotion

Similar to the Evolution stage, you need to feed your manifestation morphing baby here with lots of details and visualisations using positive emotions and Reiki (if you do Reiki).

The only difference is what you visualise – now I am thinking of positive emotions that arise because I now OWN that bag. As I carry this new black coloured lacquered bag that slings across my shoulders and strut down the sunny and colourful Rainbow Crosswalk of Castro District in San Francisco, I am feeling all kinds of excitement with what opportunities my new job would present.

I imagine how I take my new place in the office, placing my new prized possession in full view of the office corridor, catching a glance at me as I walk to the pantry to get my daily cuppa. And so on, you get the drift. The main point here is to focus on all the positive emotions that you have AFTER you have achieved your goal.

4. Embodiment

And then here comes the important part, where you are likely to question, “How do I even get to the goal in the first place”? Don’t worry! Even in the emotion stage, you are not supposed to think of HOW you achieved your goal. You don’t want to worry about how your goal is going to manifest.

You do not ever want to conjure up the line of events that might lead you to reach your goal because you don’t want to limit the ways the Universe connects you to your manifestation.

Our Universe is endless and abundant – and amazingly creative. Allow the Universe to present the “how” to you in serendipitous ways. Let yourself be awed by the magic manifestation morphing ability of the Universe, and surprise yourself.

Your only job is to structure and clarify your goal with as much detail as possible, feed it with positive emotions, thoughts and energy (including Reiki energy), and believe that your positive manifestations will morph into your goal.

Reiki Healing Energy Stone

For Reiki Practitioners

On top of your regular Reiki practice, set aside at least 10 to 15 min to work on the positive manifestation of your goal. Write down your thoughts about your goal from the Emotion stage on a piece of paper and place your hands over it. Start to visualise the realisation of the goal, with as much positive emotional power as possible.

Once your emotional energy is aligned with the energy of the goal, maintain a relaxed focus. You will be able to do this by allowing ego to get out of the way and trusting that the Universe and your Higher Self will always lead you to that which is of your highest and most loving good.

After you are done giving Reiki to your goal, it is time to release it. Send it back to the Universe to allow the result of your positive emotions to manifest. Try to detach yourself from obsessing over the goal for the rest of the day – this might be very hard, but it is necessary.

Letting go of your attachments is the only way you can allow the Universe to work with the manifestations. So trust yourself, trust the Universe, and let go of all your attachments.

Practice Gratitude

On a final note, remember to give thanks. Regardless of whether you practice Reiki or not, you still want to cultivate a positive and healthy attitude towards life and manifest positivity.

The practice of giving thanks in Reiki is very relevant to everyone and can be a stepping stone to enhance your positive vibrations with the Universe.

Once you have manifested your goal into its physical equivalent, always give thanks to the Universe, your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides or Spirit Animals, or any other Higher Beings you believe in.

Upon the rock of gratitude shall the Universe grant you abundance, if you only but embrace positive manifestation.

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Jessica Maine

I am a fitness enthusiast with a strong passion for Yoga, Strength Training and Calisthenics. Venturing into the spiritual realm of manifesting positive intentions is a life journey that I wish to share with all of you. Join me in my stories as we explore and learn to construct positive manifestations to achieve a healthier, happier and more purposeful life.

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