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7 Ways to Relieve Stress & Anxiety From the Corona Virus

In the face of the Covid-19 outbreak, our human limits have been pushed to the limits.

Millions of people around the world have been plunged into worry – about health, social well-being, jobs as well as future economic prospects. The subtle build up of this accumulated fears may result in stress that is bad for our health and may even make us more susceptible to illness.

Not only that, being confined in our homes prolonged periods of time forces us into new routines and may also take a toll on mental health.

But one thing is for certain. The hope of humanity continues to burn bright even in the these seemingly dark times. We as a global community have endured much worse and must continue to stick together in solidarity against this deadly virus.

Here are 7 very effective ways to boost your mental wellness and overcome fear, stress or anxiety caused by the corona virus.

1. Reframe the Situation

It’s evident that many people are growing increasing restless in their homes and trying all sorts of ways to fill up a void.

The truth is, you are not stuck at home! Take this time as one of the most valuable rare opportunities to slow down the pace of life and connect with yourself and family. You finally have the chance to spend quality time with your family and to do things that you’ve always wanted to catch up on.

Your attitude towards the situation matters. This is the best time to spread more positivity on social media to those who are overcome with fear.

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2. Stay Connected and Practice Safe Socializing

Home confinement? So what!

You don’t have to shut yourself off completely. There are so many ways you can still connect with your loved ones during this period.

Practice safe socializing with video chats on platforms like Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts or Zoom. These apps aren’t just for youngsters to “mess around” with and you’re never too old to pick up a new skill.

Get in chat rooms, Facebook or other forums and meet new people online. My mum just created a new Instagram account and she’s having so much fun with it, it’s really cute to see (although its kinda embarrassing when she posts photos of me from ages ago).

But whatever you do, remember to confirm your sources before sharing any information about the corona virus. You don’t want to be the one spreading fake news!

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3. Learn Something New Online

The fact that you’re reading this means one thing – you have an internet connection. And that’s enough to gain virtual access to the wonders of world.

At the time of writing this post I have already finished reading 4 books on the Law of Attraction and completed several paid courses on Udemy!

Of course you don’t have to spend any money at all if you don’t want to. Just google how to do something or watch tutorials on YouTube for free.

Now’s the best time to learn my skills, and focus on your personal development. You may even want to pick up some of the best manifestation programs on this list.

4. Remove Negative Thoughts

Enough of the gloom and doom we see portrayed on popular media outlets. It’s time to remove negative thoughts and focus on the positive things in your surroundings.

Do things that make you happy like recite positive affirmations, enjoy the nature around you or even just make a nice drink to savor the taste and be grateful for the little things in life. After all, you’ve got all the time in the world from home. 😉

When your body experiences positive experiences, so to will it translate them to the subconscious mind that you are safe, protected and in a good state of well-being.

5. Keep Your Hope Alive

This corona virus isn’t the end of the world. Like all other outbreaks before, this too shall pass and the human spirit of determination will triumph.

The important thing is to keep your hope alive and to spread it to the rest of the world. Make plans for the future and remain optimistic.

6. Focus on Personal Development

Remember to practice self-care and self-love during this period as well. Add things that bring you comfort and solace into your daily routines.

It could be exercise, meditation,visualization, cooking or even writing a post of positivity on your social media news feed. We may not always be able to turn off the fear, but we can place our focus on things that build us up.

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7. Get Closer to Your Family

I particularly enjoy the fact that I can now spend more time with my family and we can truly connect with one another. The extra time spent together means that we’re finally get a chance to take a break from our daily commitments and do what a family is supposed to – support one another.

If you’re not residing with the rest of your family members, no problem! You can try out the different platforms as mentioned in point 2.

Remember that it’s important to reach out and connect with them especially during this time, not just for your sake but also for theirs! Social support is an important pillar of a happy life.

7 Ways to Relief Stress From Corona Virus

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