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Scripting With The Law of Attraction – Powerful Manifestation Technique

What is Scripting?

Scripting is a powerful technique that is often used in application of the law of attraction. As the name implies, you write the story that you wish to see come true in reality. Almost as if you are the director of the play, you write a sequence of events that you want to come to pass – the best version of reality that you wish to manifest in your life.

The whole point is to paint a complete picture of the desire that you wish to manifest. The more detailed and expressive the picture is the better.

So what do you write in your law of attraction script? Anything you wish to manifest.

There should be no limitations to the perfect life you want when it comes to scripting. Let go of your imagination and live in a world where all things are possible.

Ask yourself, in a perfect world where you can get anything and everything that you want, what would you like to achieve?

Scripting your story can cover all areas of your life:

Or it could even get a lot more specific for goals that you wish to achieve in the day (you’ll see how I split up my long-term and daily scripts below).

Whatever your most pressing desires, put thought into words and write your own fate as you see fit.

Scripting Your Dream Reality | Scripting with the Law of Attraction

How To Use Scripting For Manifestation?

Here are some simple rules that you want to follow when using scripting.

1. Write your story as if it has already come to pass

When you use words to phrase your desires, always use present or past tense as if your dream life has already happened and you are now living it.

“Speak as if you already were”

This is a powerful technique with strong psychological effects on the mind & body. It also allows your dominating thoughts to pass through much more quickly to the subconscious mind which works to bring about your manifestation.

“I am surrounded by wealth and abundance.”

2. Be Clear and Concise

Be clear when using words to express your dream reality. Specificity is one of the things most commonly missed by those who wish to manifest success.

What is success (and your dream reality) to you? Quantify it in your terms and be precise in what you will have.

Instead of saying things too general like “I will be rich and happy”, you may want to quantify your wealth by saying things like “I am earning $100,000 a month by providing value to the world”. The more definite and detailed the script, the better is because the subconscious mind thrives on specificity and can quickly discern the inspired action that will take you there.

3. What Is Your “Why”?

Ask yourself, what is your motivation for wanting this dream reality. Is it just for your own benefit? Or do you also wish to see those around you prosper as you build your powerful new life?

Who are the people that you must achieve this for? Your motivations are extremely important because they will keep you going when things get though (as all great endeavors will undoubtedly be). Having clear understanding of why you are doing this will be a huge advantage to your cause.

4. Focus on Positive Intentions

Whilst some people wish to cast off negative beliefs such as things like “I don’t want to always feel depressed and sad anymore”, my suggestion is to always focus on the positive side of things when crafting your law of attraction scripts. The reason is simple, the law of attraction works upon the dominating thoughts in your mind be it positive or depressing emotions.

Even if you are trying to rid yourself of negative thoughts, habits or behaviors, re-framing your mind to focus on acquiring the positive attributes instead of negative will spur the law of attraction to work for you more efficiently.

5. Embrace Emotions When Creating Your Script

What will you feel when you now that you have come into possession of your desires. Tell yourself that what you desire has already come to pass and let the emotions that stir within you fester and grow.

The more you start to develop believe in your dream reality, the more you will embrace these emotions and get in touch with how you would feel at the point of success which will build powerful anticipation of your goal and drive inspired action.

6. Don’t Stress Over The Details – Focus on Desire of The Heart

Don’t take things too seriously and stress over all the nitty gritty details of how you will get there. I know of several people who when asked to applying the technique of scripting where unable to script their desires because they kept worrying about how they where going to get there. That’s not the point of scripting at all.


Take a deep breath. Calm your mind and look to your heart as to what you wish to manifest.

Forget all about the “how” and instead turn your thoughts to the “what” you would see happen in your life. When you to attempt to start using the law of attraction technique of scripting, acknowledge that this is now a time of limitless possibilities.

Remove all resistance and speak from the heart.

How Scripting Works With the Law of Attraction

You may be wondering how scripting is so effecting in applying the law of attraction to manifest your desires?

If you follow the 6 steps above consistently in your scripting activities, you will slowly start to develop an enhance mental paradigm that begins to manifest your thoughts into reality. The simple act of scripting can alter believe to unprecedented levels and set into motion unseen forces that will see your manifestation come true.

Scripting can be further enhance with active use of visualization as well as positive affirmations. The combined effect of these manifestation techniques will raise your vibration and immediately prompt the universe to began attracting your dream reality.

How Should You Apply the Scripting Technique?

Similar to applying positive affirmations, scripting is best done every day to “create your day” in advance. It doesn’t have to be a

Personally I have a general script of the life I wish to create in 5 years time, as well as daily scripts that help me get through the day and move closer towards my goal. I find that the combination of both long term and short term scripts really helps you to manifest much better.

My Daily Scripting Notebook

I keep a scripting notebook that I use solely for the purpose of scripting my entire life. The notebook is separated into the following 3 sections.

How it works is I write my long term script in the first section of the notebook to set the foundation for the perfect reality that I want to create. This the dream reality that I envision for myself in a few years time, using all the points mentioned above. Every time I open my notebook and flip through its pages, this reality will be the first thing I see.

The next section is a list of all the positive affirmations that I have created for myself. This is separate from the scripting technique, but I find they work really well together hand-in-hand.

Next comes the section with all of my daily scripts. Here I script every element of my day before I actually go out to live it. I usually do this the day before, but sometimes in the morning with daily affirmations as well.

My daily scripts are based upon the things that I wish to achieve for the day and often revolve around the things that I have already planned to do. It doesn’t have to be complex. For instance if planned a date with wife, I will write something like “I manifested a perfect date with my special partner and we both had an amazing time of our lives”. Something as simple as that can work magic for you (notice also that I use past tense as well, almost like writing a diary of something that has already happened).

Or if I’m going a long road trip, it could be something as simple as manifesting an nice and pleasant drive with good company. Just write whatever makes you happy and how you envision your perfect day to be like. Remember to focus on the emotions and joys you feel!

Let me know what you plan to script for your life in the comments! If you have any scripting success stories, feel free to share them as well as we would all love to hear from you.

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