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Powerful Self Love Affirmations To Inspire Success

Self love affirmations are a powerful way to increase your positive vibration and set the foundation for a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. Most people tend to equate happiness with the amount of external blessings that they receive, yet what many don’t realize is that happiness always begins from within oneself.

In a world where we constantly put in our best and strive to succeed, we also need to be reminded to love ourselves. It is important that we remember to cherish accept and respect our own strengths and flaws. To take pride in the work that we do and to respect our ourselves for not giving up in the hard times. A strong self-image sets the foundation for all good things and opportunities to flow into your life.

Why You Need To Cultivate Self Love

Think about it in the case of a magnet. If the force of the magnet isn’t strong enough, how is it going to attract the things that it wants?

Having a strong sense of love for oneself is starting point of applying the law of attraction. You must believe that you are worthy of great things, that you deserve abundance, and that you are willing and able to contribute immensely back to the universe. That is why people with low self-esteem often find it so hard to attract positive relationships, new opportunities and abundance into our lives.

By practicing the habit of repeating positive self love affirmations daily, you cultivate a spirit of positivity and zest for life within yourself. No one can spread genuine positivity and love if they are not at peace or in acceptance of themselves. It all begins with YOU.

Self-Love Isn’t About Being Selfish

When we say self love, we don’t mean that you should stare in the mirror admiring yourself the entire day.

It isn’t about be narcissistic or selfish, those are separate issues that stem from some deep seated insecurity. Rather it’s about self-appreciation and expression. Having love for ourselves means we respect our own self-image and are proud of who we have become, even though we aspire to achieve more. Because everyone deserves to feel respect, loved and capable of contributing their very best to the world.

Symptoms of Lack of Self Love

If you’re experiencing any or some of these symptoms, it time to start appreciating yourself better! The following positive affirmations should help to life your spirit and give you renewed confidence. Repeat them every day for maximum effectiveness and to remind yourself that you deserve to receive abundant love and blessings from the universe!

List of Powerful Self Love Affirmations

These powerful self love affirmations will help you to overcome limiting thoughts and cast aside all self-doubt or pity, thus creating a strong internal environment to manifest success. The positive affirmations for love that you are about to read are about empowerment and making the decision to change your life for the better.

  1. I am a creator of my destiny
  2. I have everything I need in me to create my own powerful future
  3. I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul
  4. I am loved and I give love to those around me
  5. I appreciate all that I have done and will strive to do better
  6. My positive vibration is high. I am radiating with love, peace and happiness
  7. I will be a beacon of positivity for all those who come my way
  8. Abundance and prosperity are flowing my way because I deserve to have the best in life
  9. I constantly attract good things because I am
  10. I am worthy of having life’s greatest blessings
  11. I am a love magnet
  12. I see myself as a powerful being
  13. I am slowly but surely taking control of my life
  14. I am strong, I am powerful, I can take on life’s greatest challenges
  15. I have it in me to realize everything I have ever wanted in life
  16. No setback will ever get me down, I am indestructible
  17. At this very moment I make the decision to be happy. My mind, body and soul are in perfect harmony
  18. I have power within me that is stronger than any obstacle that comes my way
  19. I choose gratitude and
  20. I am taking back my power today. Nothing can stop me
  21. I am blessed with love and support from those around
  22. I am not afraid
  23. My flaws and negative thoughts will not overcome me. I will turn them into my greatest strengths
  24. I never have to apologize for being me
  25. I am a work in progress
  26. I choose to surround myself with love and positivity
  27. In me lies the heart of a lion
  28. I will never give up
  29. There is immense power that lies within me
  30. I have in me a beautiful soul
  31. I have been chosen to give my fullest potential to the world
  32. I am in control of my thoughts and I chose to fill them with love, respect and positivity
  33. Nobody has control over my thoughts
  34. I release myself from all my limiting thoughts and adopt an abundance mindset
  35. The past does not define me, I will create my own abundant future
  36. I am capable of manifesting my desires into reality
  37. I believe that the universe is working my favor
  38. My opinions are important and heard
  39. I trust in my natural potential to succeed in life
  40. I know I have a unique purpose in life and I intend to fulfill it
  41. I accept my flaws
  42. I believe in myself and my plans to succeed
  43. I dare to dream, and take deliberate action to achieve my goals
  44. The universe has my back, I have nothing to fear
  45. Others may doubt my dreams, but I will never doubt myself
  46. Only I can see the dream that I will achieve in the future, the negative opinions of my haters do not matter
  47. I am not bound by the chains of the past, I will carry myself to an abundant future
  48. I have the power to create the dream life that I always wanted
  49. I can overcome what others believe to be impossible
  50. The more I love myself, the more the world loves me

Pick the best affirmations and apply them daily! You can always tweak them for your own use as you see fit.

If you want to know what’s the best way to apply positive affirmations, here’s an earlier article that I wrote. I hope this article has inspired you to become a better version of yourself.

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