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7 Ways to Stop Negative Thoughts and Create a Positive Mindset

Do you find yourself sometimes having automatic negative thoughts which make you feel down and depressed? If left unchecked, these thoughts could eventually spread like wildfire and affect your overall vibration.

It’s important to stop negative thoughts early especially when trying to apply the Law of Attraction to manifest something. You attract the vibration that you put out, so any negativity will present as an obstacle to manifestation! Wouldn’t it be great if we has some techniques that could reverse these thoughts and allow you to continue attracting positive things, people and opportunities in our life?

The good thing is that negative thought patterns can actually be easily countered with these 7 simple ways.

1. Understand Why You Are Feeling This Way

Instead of taking a reactive approach to stop negative thoughts, try to first understand where these thoughts are coming from. What’s the root cause of this unhappiness that has build up?

Are these just a fleeting thought or could they be influenced by any limiting beliefs that you’ve been keeping locked up in your subconscious mind?

Understanding the root cause of your feelings is the first step to mastery over your emotions, thoughts and energies.

2. Acknowledge Your Negative Thoughts Exist

One of the most common reactions when people face negative thoughts is that they tend to go hard against hard. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it might leave you feeling more frustrated.

It’s good that you’re able to realize when negative thoughts are creeping up, but there’s no need to immediately go into panic mode and try to suppress your emotions. Whilst you may be able to “hide” those negative thoughts for a bit, they may eventually resurface again or escalate into something bigger. Feelings of anger, frustration and fear are natural responses that should be acknowledged.

Sometimes, the path of least resistance is to just go with the flow.

Do not resist or try to purge what you might deem as negative thinking from your head. Instead allow yourself some space to come to terms with it.

The best way to stop negative thoughts is not to “purge” them immediately, but rather get in touch with root cause and allow yourself to grow from adversity.

3. Look For a Spark of Positivity

Now that you have acknowledge the negative side of the situation, it’s time to flip the coin and acknowledge a different perspective.

Speak to yourself that you are know taking control of the situation. Realize that there are countless of opportunities in every situation and all it takes is a spark of positivity to turn things around.

I’ve found that gratitude is an extremely powerful emotion that multiplies itself. You can start by looking for things that you are grateful for and start expanding your positive thoughts from there.

4. Apply Positive Affirmations

There are all sorts of positive affirmations that can be applied to empower you in whatever situation. The beautiful thing about affirmations is that it isn’t so much about the situation, but rather the focus is on building up your own sense of self-worth as a powerful person who is in full control of your life.

By empowering yourself with strong words of affirmation, you can stop negative thoughts from accumulating and reverse your mindset from scarcity to abundance.

5. Breathe

Don’t let the stress from all the tension that you’re feeling take it’s toll on you. Take a deep breath and focus on your breathing. Allow the rhythmic momentum to calm you down so that you can think with a clear head.

Often we feel overwhelmed with negative thoughts because we are filled with anxiety. Tell yourself that everything will get better when you slow things down and take stock of your bearings. As you regain your composure, slowly feel the power flowing back to you and fill you with positive self-worth that will dispel all previous negativity. Meditation and breathing exercises are particularly helpful for this purpose.

6. Exercise to Reduce Stress

The reason why you sometimes feel a barrage of negative thoughts is also partly due to build up of stress mentally and physically. Exercise is a great way to remove stress as well as improve your concentration and energy levels!

Just don’t do any exercise that is too strenuous that might lead to greater stress on your body. Light rhythmic exercise such as cardio, yoga, flow movements or a light HIIT session can work wonders on your overall well-being.

Adopting a consistent exercise routine is a great way to relief stress and stop negative thoughts from spreading when you feel down.

7. Get Motivated

Everyone has different things that motivates them to do their best in any given situation. Whenever you feel down and want to stop negative thoughts growing in your mind, you should immediately seek out things that motivate and inspire you.

This can be motivational videos or audio tracks that feed positive thoughts into your head and empower you to take inspired action rather than wallow in despair or self-pity. We have negative thoughts because we allow ourselves to be stuck in self-pity. Once you’re able to climb out of the rut, you’ll see that all of those thoughts are unfounded and that your goals aren’t that far away as it seems.

I hope these 7 techniques have given you a much better idea on how to stop negative thoughts and seek out the opportunities in every situation.

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