How to Apply the Law of Attraction - Guide To Manifesting Your Dream Life

How to Apply the Law of Attraction – Guide To Manifesting Your Dream Life

Discover the secret to applying the Law of Attraction and how you can use it to manfiest your dream life. Learn to use your thoughts to shape your reality.
Chasing Your Dreams

Why You Should Just Go For It – Overcoming Fear & Procrastination

So you have a dream... And you're still holding back. Well, I don't blame you. We live in a society where the dreamers are laughed upon, scorned for their idealism and ingenuity. We live in a world where great ideas are held at…
Bridge of Spies Poster

The Standing Man – How Persistence Will Lead You to Greatness

Bridge of Spies: Conviction Overcomes Fear In this compelling film directed by Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks plays a stoic laywer, James B. Donovan, who attempts to defend Rudol Abel (Mark Rlyance) an alleged Russian spy. A reenactment…
A fire burning

Why You Need to “Burn the Ships” in Order to Succeed

A General's Conviction Legend has it… Of a great battle that once took place. An army led by a great general had landed on shores of foreign land. The imminent war was inevitable. When he found out that the enemy men outnumbered…
Boxing referee announces champion

The Rule of 1%

When Will I Reach Success? I’m often posed with the question: "How many times must I fail before I reach success?" Heck, sometimes when faced with surmounting obstacles, I even ask myself that… But the striking realization…