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Tesla Code Secrets Review – Is Alex West’s Program a Scam or Real?

Tesla Code Secrets – A Complete Honest Review

Welcome to my full review of Alex West’s Tesla Code Secrets. If you’re reading this, chances are that you’ve already seen Tesla Code Secrets, the personal development program that promises to empower you to manifest your desires using powerful subconscious techniques developed by Nikola Tesla.

This review is based on my own personal experiences from purchasing and following through with the program implementation – including the results that I got. You’ll get the entire scoop on what’s inside the program (including bonus material), what are the pros and cons of getting it, and whether or not the Tesla Code Secrets program actually works.

Before purchasing, please read the following to get a clearer picture of what you’re getting from the program and whether or not it will work for you!

If you want to skip ahead of the rest, you can visit the official site here:

What is Tesla Code Secrets?

Alex West created a powerful self-help program which boldly claims to be able to help you get anything that you want out of life by simply applying the techniques. If you misinterpret this message as an instant success or get-rich quick scheme, then this program may not be for you.

Of course there isn’t a single program that will instantly turn you into millionaire overnight (if you know of one please let me know). The essence of the Tesla Code Secrets program here is not the speed at which you manifest your desires, but the certainty that such desires will eventually come to pass by applying the techniques taught.

Tesla Code Secrets was created on the premise of some powerful findings by the great inventor Nikola Tesla on how to prime the human brain into achieving great levels of success. The techniques can be applied for every individual regardless of background.

From my own experience, the course is focused on understanding and applying your subconscious power. Our full potential can only be reached when we combine our conscious and subconscious prowess to work in tandem in achieving any goal.

Cerebral Powers | Tesla Code Secrets Review

Cerebral Powers

One of the secrets contained in this program is the mastery over your “cerebral powers“. As the name suggests, these are deep powers that are contained within the conscious and subconscious mind. The key premise of the program lies in being able to successfully trigger these powers of the mind which will empower you achieve success in your desired goals and outcomes.

I believe the term “Cerebral Powers” and “triggering” is similar to the concept of activating your subconscious mind. The techniques used in this program are however unique and very structure (on a weekly basis) to guide you in activating your subconscious mental capacity.

Tesla Code Secrets is a general manifestation program that isn’t specific to any particular subject of manifestation. The good news is that if you’re trying to work on manifesting in some particular area of your life (i.e. better health, more money, better relationships), the program will still work for you.

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

There are several bold claims made throughout the program. For instance, the program has touted the line “how to be successful here without trying”. I believe such copy was written from a marketing angle to promote the program, however do not expect to get results if . The program may amplify how quickly you are able to manifest by using the proper techniques, but I am still a firm believer of hard work guarantees results.

You can check out the product website for more information.

My Personal Experience Using Tesla Code Secrets

When I purchased Tesla Code Secrets I was actually planning to embark on a major goal in my life. I was going to manifest better health for myself by finally deciding to quit smoking for good. Having been a smoker for over 10 years, this was by no means an easy task.

I particularly enjoyed how it was structured over a 18 week period so there were checkpoints along the way to ensure that I was on the right track. I was able to maintain the same level of vibration throughout the period. I am confident in saying that I have successfully been able to activate my Cerebral Powers which provided the will and persistence to see my goal accomplished. The “Rejuvenate Your Mind” audio was really essential in calming me whenever I had uncontrollable cravings.

I will definitely be applying it for other areas of my life soon too!

You can read the full story of how I applied the law of attraction to quit smoking here.

Bend Reality With This Special Technique | Tesla Code Secrets Review

Tesla Code Secrets Package – What’s Inside the Program

Tesla Code Secrets Program

Tesla Code Secrets Book

This 242-page ebook serves as the main program guide. It is organized into 18 chapters which is meant to be followed in 18 weeks (so 1 chapter per week).

Applying the law of attraction is all about attracting strong energies and opportunities that will enhance the skills that you currently have in order to acquire the things that you desire. I believe that the Tesla Code Secrets is one such opportunity that will further enhance your powers of manifestation to create the life you desire.

The Workbook

After a learning things from a program, the important thing is to immediately put them into action (or application). This workbook guides you into taking inspired action quickly so that you can capitalize on the heightened level of positive vibrations that are increasing with each week of the program.

When I followed the instructions and applied the knowledge that I had learned from the program, I managed to see significant results in a matter of days.

Rejuvenate Your Mind Audio Program

This component consists of 5 audio tracks that contain very soothing and relaxing music. If you’re someone like me who loves to . The whole point is that the subconscious mind reacts well to soothing tones and can become more rejuvenated after a calming session.

The music is perfect for a short meditation sessions, reciting daily positive affirmations in the morning or evening, or quiet moments of contemplation.

Napoleon Hill Compendium

This is a combination of various essential resources written by the famous American self-help author Napoleon Hill! Think & Grow Rich is one of the biggest self-help books of all time, which goes into much detail and instruction into the manifestation wealth.

Other great works from the author are also included in this bonus bundle:

  • Think & Grow Rich
  • The Power of Believing
  • The Law of Success

Together these resources form a powerful guide into positive thinking and consciously creating the reality that you desire. Some people think of bonuses as having “inferior value to the main product” but I beg to differ on this one. You should definitely read all the bonuses as well to get the most value from this program!

Should You Buy Tesla Code Secrets?

So is Tesla Code Secrets a scam? After completing the entire program, I know that the program is in fact legitimate. It does sometimes make bold marketing claims, but overall the program was very easy to implement and I was able to see tangible results by following it close to the detail.

Price wise, I think you’re getting a good deal as well. You get a huge value bundle with important bonuses for the low price, whereas if you decide to buy the Think & Grow Rich book by Napoleon Hill on Amazon by itself it would probably cost you around that amount already.

There are some reasons where Tesla Code Secrets may not be the best for you. If you are in desperately looking for a “get-rich-quick scheme” then this isn’t it. If you don’t like to take action in making your dreams a reality then this isn’t for you as well.

Also if you’re super skeptical about it then perhaps it may not be best to pursue it at this time. For the program to work well, you need to TRUST in the process and be wiling to take action.

Another pro that pushed me over the edge was that you actually get to try to program 100% risk-free! Yes, the program offers a 60 day guarantee where you will be fully refunded if you are not satisfied with it anytime in 60 days.

The way I see it, there’s no lost to me because if it works then I have gained incredible value for the price paid. On the other hand if I didn’t like the program I could always request for a refund!

You can find out more about Tesla Code Secrets here (and claim your 60 day guarantee)

Beware of Fake Programs

As a note of caution I noticed that there were some fake programs lying around when I tried searching Google for reviews. If you are interested to purchase it, I would strongly recommend you that you make sure the domain is You can also get the original program from the links on this page.

Unfortunately if you purchased a fake program you will be eligible for the 60-day money back guarantee so do make sure you get it only from trusted sources!

If you found this review helpful, leave a comment below! Or share your own personal experience with Tesla Code Secrets. We would love to hear more from you.

Tesla Code Secrets




Ease of Use


Good Value for Price


Risk Free



  • Instant access upon purchase
  • Broken Up Into Weeks
  • Huge Value Received for the Price
  • Powerful Audio Tracks Included
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • You still need to put in effort
  • Only available as a digital product

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