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Text Chemistry Review (2020) – Does It Make You Irresistible to Men?

Introduction: Text Chemistry Review

Relationships give life meaning. However, getting the right person and staying in love is a challenge. Men are particularly guilty of losing interest very fast. Many women, including myself, have grappled with attraction at least once in their lifetime. I’ve stayed awake wondering how to make my crush notice me. I am now happily married to the man of my dreams, but it didn’t happen overnight.

If you struggle keeping men interested or constantly worry about competing with other women out there, look no further. Text chemistry teaches you how to use text messages and communication in general to get your man intoxicated with desire. Once he’s obsessed, you have nothing to worry about, including other women.

Does the program work and is it well worth the money? In this Text Chemistry review, I’ve gone ahead to purchase the full program so that you have the full scope of things before making a decision.

If you just want to skip ahead and learn more about the product or get it at the lowest price guaranteed online you can click here to watch the video!

Text Chemistry by Amy North – How Does it Work?

Text chemistry can be defined as a program or guide that helps women uncover the power of text messages to capture men’s attention and create undying attraction. The program is by Amy North – a professional relationship counselor from Vancouver, Canada. Amy North is also a bestselling author dedicated to helping women find and keep the men of their dreams.

Her program works by utilizing simple text messages to create natural and long-lasting attraction. Text chemistry lets you know exactly what you should say to your man to get him interested again. It also lets you know how to attract your dream guy using simple texts. The program teaches women how to communicate in a language of desire that men can’t resist. Amy introduces psychological triggers or Attention Hooks as the “key”.

This powerful program makes use of scientifically backed methods of grabbing a man’s focus, changing his mind, creating attraction, and much more to achieve the end result that is – to drive your man’s interest in you.

Who Is Text Chemistry For?

In this Text chemistry review you’ll see that this program is suitable for women of any age with common relationship problems or trying to revitalize their relationships. If you are tired of your man ignoring you, interested in rekindling a stale or boring relationship, tired of waiting for a proposal, or worried about competition from other women, text chemistry is for you.

This program is filled with various techniques and templates that have been proven to have strong psychologically influence when it comes to capturing the attention of a man and take your dating game to the next level.

What’s Inside the Package

Text Chemistry Review

The full Text Chemistry program contains 13 video lessons (including additional bonuses) that is designed to make push the buttons of men to make them crave over you live never before. The main focus of this program is of course on texting, which has become the new norm for many relationships just starting out.

The trick is to create ‘chemistry’ during the text to keep him hooked which Amy teaches in the 13 part series.

Here’s a breakdown of the lessons.

Lesson 1 will teach you how to make your man/crush text you back immediately and always

Lesson 2 will teach you how to prevent your man’s attention from wandering away.

Lesson 3 will teach you how to get your ex back (if you want him back) through “satellite text”.

Lesson 4 is about rekindling a stale or boring relationship through special text messages known as “supernova” and “Game On texts”.

Lesson 5 is about tantalizing seduction text messages that ignite unmatched desire.

Lesson 6 teaches you how to analyze your man’s text and understand exactly what he feels.

Lesson 7 is about making your boyfriend crave marriage, family life, and longtime commitment.

Lesson 8 teaches you how to use text messages to make your man excited and lustful.

Lesson 9 teaches you how to create more lust using silly little images.

Lesson 10 teaches you how to make your man/crush want to see you every chance he gets

Lesson 11 will teach you how to talk to your man on the phone in a manner that makes him eager to do anything for you.

Lesson 12 teaches how to make your man stay faithful.

Text Chemistry tutorial video screenshot

Exclusive Bonuses

Text chemistry also comes with 3 exclusive bonuses. More may be added in the future depending on the program creator.

Bonus 1: Phone Game E-Book

This bonus teaches you how to use your voice to make him cling to your every word.

Bonus 2: Why men leave

This bonus eBook lets you know the real reasons why men leave.

Bonus 3: Quality men on Tinder

This bonus teaches you how to create a great Tinder profile and attract the hottest/most successful men living in your area.

Who is Amy North?

Text Chemistry Review (2020): Is It Worth It? My Verdict

Google “Amy North” and you’ll see that she’s quite a big name in the relationship and dating scene. Amy is a renown best-selling author and dating coach. She also runs a popular YouTube channel with over 500k subscribers.

Relationships aren’t always easy or smooth-sailing, which is why Amy specializes in empowering women to with the ability to rekindle their relationships by growing closer and more intimate with their partners.

She has two popular online dating programs (Text Chemistry and The Devotion System) that have changed the lives of thousands of women all over the world.

Text chemistry pros and cons

Main Pros

1. Effective: If you have problems finding and keeping love, text chemistry increases your chances drastically. You are bound to discover information you didn’t know about attracting and keeping men. This can be attested by the overwhelming number of positive reviews about the program.

2. Psychological benefits: Being able to attract and keep the man of your dreams comes with other benefits like improved self-esteem.

3. Incredible price: At just $49.95, the cost is way lower than what women pay for relationship coaching, among other sources of ineffective dating information. Let’s not even consider the material cost of trying to attract men in vain.

4. Made by an expert: Text chemistry is by Amy North, a professional relationship counselor & bestselling author. Unlike other programs prepared by self-proclaimed gurus, Amy North spent years of experience researching relationships before creating text chemistry.

5. Incredible bonuses: When you buy text chemistry, you get 3 bonus eBooks worth $90 absolutely free.

6. Risk-free purchase (Money back guarantee): You don’t have to consider this text chemistry review when making a purchasing decision. You can try the program for 2 months. If it doesn’t work for you (which is highly unluckily), you can ask for a 100% refund.

Text Chemistry Banner


While it’s hard seeing a single negative text chemistry review online, the few that I have come across touch on the program’s 100% digital nature. Some people don’t like the fact that the program is purely digital (doesn’t have a hard copy)

There are also few concerns on the money-back guarantee. Some people feel it should be longer to give you enough time to test the program out. I personally found 60 days more than enough time to test text chemistry.

Text Chemistry Customer Reviews

Text chemistry has a 4/5 rating on Good reads. 80% of people who have bought the program (including myself) find it incredibly useful. Most text chemistry reviews point to the fact that the program uses psychological approaches and not just words, as many would be tempted to think.

No doubt the program’s tricks and techniques involve some psychological “manipulation” which works really well especially if you are in the dating phase. These techniques act as an enhancement to new relationships or existing ones to make things really interesting and alluring.

Ultimately all long-term relationships must be built upon love and trust. No amount of messaging techniques can save a relationship lacking in those.

Final Recommendation

I hope you’ve enjoyed my honest Text Chemistry review and have learned a lot more about the program and author!

Text chemistry removes the guesswork involved in women trying to attract and keep men. It also eliminates problems like competition from other women and boring relationships. If you are dying to get your man back, attract your crush, or make your boyfriend propose, look no further.

What’s more, you can use text chemistry for FREE for 60 days. What are you waiting for? Click here and turn into a love magnet today.

Text Chemistry by Amy North


Overall Score



  • The text messages work
  • Program is backed by scientific research
  • Program is made by an expert
  • Risk-free money back guarantee

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