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The Single Most Powerful Manifestation Affirmation

Today I would like to share with you the single most powerful affirmation line that I’ve used in my manifestation journey. A secret that I’ve been using to amplify the manifesting powers of my affirmations, and has never failed in getting me what I want.

If you apply this line to all your affirmations from this point on, you will see a profound difference in the way the Law of Attraction works for you and you will find that you’re able manifest your dreams much quicker than before.

Are Your Affirmations Powerful Enough?

Do you sometimes find that repeating daily positive affirmations don’t seem to work for you in manifesting your goals? Daily repetition of “I am” affirmations are effective in boosting confidence and self-believe, but sometimes they lack the juice required to fuel a dream of great magnitude or significance.

The principle purpose for using affirmations is to trigger the principle of autosuggestion which is responsible for reprogramming the brain with powerful dominating thoughts of success. The outcome is usually the elimination of limiting thoughts, which allows one to achieve a state of success-consciousness.

Are Your Affirmations Powerful Enough for Your Dream?
Are your affirmations big enough to fuel your dream?

Think about it this way, when you dream big about something worth having in your life, you require more energy and manifestation power in order to make it come into reality. Affirmations also have differing levels of power for various people. How powerful an affirmation is depends on the amount of believe, emotion and faith that is invoked when one recites the affirmations.

The more believe, strong emotions and faith you have when repeating your daily affirmations, the greater your alignment with your goals and hence your ability to attract the success that you desire into your life. The strongest affirmations that have all these factors can raise your positive vibration to a state where you may even be able to manifest instantly.

If you have yet to craft your own affirmations, see this detailed guide on how to write positive affirmations which includes a comprehensive list of positive affirmations in different areas of your life to choose from.

The Power of A Commandment

In contrast to the traditional “I Am” positive affirmations, a commandment is something far more powerful and unyielding, backed by believe and determination. When you COMMAND yourself to manifest a particular goal, your subconscious mind is immediately triggered to act upon it.

The subconscious mind only recognizes and acts upon thoughts that have been mixed with emotion and faith, which is exactly what happens when you command someone to do something. The mere reading of words is of no consequence unless mixed with emotion, strong feeling and faith.

“I Command You to Manifest…”

I Command You To Manifest | The Single Most Powerful Manifestation Affirmation

“I command you to manifest love and a soulmate into your life”

“I command you to attract $5,000 by the end of this month”

“I command you to manifest lose 10 pounds of unhealthy fat in 4 weeks time”

Here’s the very secret that I use to which has had a significant impact in the way I apply the Law of Attraction to manifest desires. When you “command” a thought or desire to manifest into reality, you are in full control. You are the decision-maker, the highest authority and nothing or no one can dictate otherwise.

In this way, you tell the Universe what you want instead of letting the world dictate the circumstance that you are trapped in. You dictate your terms and command the Universe to bend to your will. You are a single all-powerful conscious creator of your destiny and you will not bow to the whims and fancy of the influences of the world.

You are the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. Go forth and manifest the life that you deserve!

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