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The Ultimate List of Positive Affirmations and How to Apply Them Instantly

The Power of Positive Affirmations

Have you tried using positive affirmations before? Be warned, they’re incredibly powerful! When I first started using affirmations I didn’t think much about it because it seemed like just repeating positive words, but boy did it change my life…

You see the principle of autosuggestion kicks in when we use consistent repetition of a particular phrase or idea. This allows us to infuse our subconscious mind with the power of believe. With enough repetition, eventually the brain is reprogrammed to accept it as the norm and hence manifest your stated affirmation into reality. Sounds crazy isn’t it!

Positive affirmations are messages that affirm a thought or believe that is beneficial to your personal development. Many people tend to underestimate the subtle power of self affirmations and positive mantras.

A single affirmation may lift your mood for the moment, but when repeated over and over until you start to believe in it and act in a way that reflects that believe – then you’ll find that you truly have the power to manifest your thoughts into reality.

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Benefits of Using Positive Affirmations to Transform Your Life

All thoughts that we persistently hold over a prolonged period of time, supplemented by faith, will begin to translate themselves into their physical equivalent in reality. Such is the principle of manifestation.

Positive affirmations serve to flood our minds with positive thoughts that eventually serve to create our reality in a similar fashion. By applying the principle of the Law of Attraction, reciting a list of powerful self affirmations consistently will fill our minds with positive outlook towards life – hence attracting similar influences and energies into our path.

1. Positive Affirmations Apply the Law of Attraction

When we say positive affirmations to ourselves (and others!), these powerful words serve to fill our minds with positive thoughts and confidence.

By the principle of the Law of Attraction, reciting a list of powerful self affirmations consistently and filling our minds with positive outlook and gratitude towards life will likewise enable us to attract similar influences and energies into our path.

2. Positive Affirmations Replace Limiting Thoughts with Strong Ones

Negative thoughts, emotions and feelings such as guilt, anxiety, stress, fear and only serve to encumber us and drag us down from reaching our goals. Thankfully, one immediate why to transform your thoughts is by applying positive affirmations.

Think of it as receiving praise from someone else, doesn’t it feel good and inspire you to strive to do better in life? Positive affirmations are a form of praise as well, but not just mere praise. With each recital of the lines, you are also gradually building believe in yourself.

This believe that is formed goes on to become the foundation for your dominating thoughts that will lead you to success. People who regularly apply positive affirmations in their lives tend to develop greater gratitude, self-confidence, optimism, courage, and persistence.

3. Positive Affirmations Help Reprogram Our Subconscious Mind For Success

Perhaps the most powerful motivation to use affirmations can be explained by the principle of auto-suggestion as highlighted by Napoleon Hill in his landmark personal-development book: Think and Grow Rich.

This is essentially re-wiring the brain to embrace success in all the actions that we do conscious and sub-consciously.

In summary, positive affirmations are so powerful because the simple act of repeating them with emotion combines the principles of positive manifestation, the Law of Attraction and auto-suggestion of the sub-conscious mind to empower us with the dominating mindset that will achieve the success we seek.

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How to Write Effective Affirmations That Work

Writing affirmations isn’t hard. If you follow the following steps you’ll be well on your way with a couple of solid affirmations that you can use every day.

1. Identify Your Fears

This is the step that most people skip without knowing. The reason I’m asking you to identify your fears isn’t because I want to reinforce your fearful thoughts but rather to get in touch with your true feelings and get to the root cause of the deep seated problem.

You could skip this step and jump straight to writing affirmations (many people do) and there would be nothing wrong with that. But I believe that for an affirmation to be really effective, it needs to address the root cause which is a fear that we have within ourselves.

Say for example your afraid of relationships because you had a past experience before and fear having your heart broken once more. To tackle this limiting belief that’s keeping you from manifesting your heart’s desire, you’ll want to create affirmations that address this issue directly.

2. Picture The Goal You Want

The next step is to picture the goal that you wish to achieve in life, and then identify what person you must become in order to achieve that goal. This way you’ll be able to create relevant affirmations that is focused on helping you achieve your goal.

Here’s an example of how to create your own personal affirmation:

For instance if a fear of failure is keeping you from taking a chance to realize your dream of starting a business, write down powerful phrases like:

3. Write What Comes to Mind – Think, Feel & Believe!

Affirmations are most effective when they come from the heart. When you deliberately craft your own affirmations and assume the responsibility for those lines, the power of the words become all the more stronger.

When you write your affirmations, see yourself already in possession of your goal and get in touch with the emotions and feelings associated with this particular circumstance. The power of affirmations to influence the mind is amplified when mixed with strong emotions and believe.

If you have trouble coming up with phrases, the easiest way to start is with affirmations that begin with “I Am”!

Remember that the goal is not on what you currently are, but what you want to be and achieve for yourself in the future.

Some examples of “I Am” affirmations:

4. Get Inspiration From the List

The following affirmations are categorized for you to help you a starting, read them out loud, see if they resonate with you and then get in there and customize them for your own use. Write down the ones that you truly love (you can keep them in a journal) and repeat them to yourself everyday.

I recommend selecting up to 5 of your favorite affirmations, adapt them to your own needs and repeat them to yourself everyday.

You’ll see that over time, you will gradually develop the same principles and transform into the very person that you’re “feeding” your thoughts with every day.

The Complete List of Positive Affirmations for All Areas of Life

The following list of affirmations is broken down into various sections for your easy viewing.

Positive Affirmations to Repeat Everyday

  1. I have the power to make me happy or unhappy today, and I always choose positive
  2. I am ready to conquer today with my positive energies and
  3. I am present in every moment
  4. My life is full of magic and miracles because I make them happen!
  5. The power to manifest all my desires and lead the life of my dreams lies within me
  6. I am a wonderful person and I deserve all the abundance I am about to receive
  7. No one works harder then me, I will fight to make my dreams a reality
  8. I see opportunities in every situation, even in the difficult times
  9. I am grateful for all the positive circumstances and people in my life
  10. The more I love myself, the more love I have to offer.

Affirmations for Love & Relationships

For Manifesting A New Relationship

  1. I am deserve to be loved and adored
  2. I am trustworthy and faithful
  3. My soulmate will be worth the wait
  4. Everywhere I go I find love and joy
  5. I am confident and attractive
  6. I am worthy of a wonderful, lasting relationship
  7. I am a strong, confident and reliable partner
  8. I am not needy of a relationship, but I will cherish it with all my heart when the time comes
  9. I will manifest a partner that makes me happy and feel loved
  10. I deserve a loving, honest and faithful partner
  11. I am confident in my romantic interactions
  12. I attract only positive, loving and faithful people into my life
  13. I allow love to find me easily and effortlessly
  14. I attract people with similar attitudes, character and values into my life
  15. I am ready to manifest love into my life

If you believe you can and want to manifest love in your life, see this article on How to Manifest Love Using the Law of Attraction.

For People Already In Relationships

  1. My relationship is filled with unconditional love, trust and mutual respect
  2. I treasure my partner and the love we have built together
  3. I love and honor my partner everyday
  4. I share a natural connection with my partner
  5. I am thankful that my partner is supportive
  6. I am grateful for being able to express love to my partner
  7. Ours is a relationship that will last a lifetime
  8. I am happy and in love
  9. I trust my partner completely
  10. We share an incredible bond
  11. My husband/wife is my best friend
  12. Our marriage grows and in love with every new day
  13. I have attracted my soul mate
  14. I feel safe, secure and content with my partner
  15. I will ensure our relationship remains strong, harmonious and filled with the strongest love!

Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

Fear and anxiety are brought about by limiting thoughts in our minds. If we allow these thoughts to fester and grow, we will often find that it soon becomes overwhelming.

These limiting thoughts can easily be conquered by thinking of positive thoughts of greater magnitude. Here’s where positive affirmations save the day to quell the fear and give us the confidence we need to brave through the challenging times.

  1. I am in control of my life and I will take the steps to ensure it
  2. My fear diminishes every second and is replaced by unstoppable courage
  3. I cast aside my worries and take decisive action
  4. I have full command over the situation
  5. I am a champion in the making
  6. I believe I have the ability to acquire all the skills needed for me to succeed
  7. I am in full control of my life – calm, composed and decisive
  8. I don’t sweat the small stuff, I only focus on what’s important
  9. I will conquer my fears by being strong and powerful
  10. I have unstoppable persistence and willpower

Affirmations for Wealth, Money & Prosperity

  1. I am in full control of my income and prosperity
  2. I deserve wealth and abundance in my life
  3. I am provided with a constant stream of opportunities to succeed in my life
  4. I am success-conscious, I attract wealth and opportunities into my life easily
  5. I am ready to start receiving wealth in huge quantities
  6. I control my own circumstance and demand the Universe to give me my success
  7. I will acquire all the skills necessary to help me manifest wealth in overwhelming proportions
  8. I am courageous and persistent in my pursuit for financial freedom
  9. I do not fear or recognize failure, my mind is primed only to succeed
  10. I will provide so much value to the world that the Universe will compensate me in equivalent wealth and prosperity
  11. Money and abundance flows to me in a constant stream

Law of Attraction Affirmations

  1. My life attracts success and abundance in all areas
  2. All good things flow into my life
  3. My unshakable desire, believe and persistence guarantees I will manifest my dream
  4. I have the ability to attract anything that I want into my life
  5. I have limitless potential within myself
  6. Everyday I take a step forward towards manifesting my dreams
  7. I am ready to receive unlimited abundance from the Universe
  8. Success and abundance flows easily and effortlessly to me
  9. I have mastered The Secret to manifesting a life of abundance
  10. I am worthy and deserving of success, love, happiness and fulfilment

Positive Affirmations for Work and Career Success

  1. My career goals are manifesting everyday
  2. I surround myself with positive energies and vibrations to get the job done with a smile
  3. I am progressing daily towards my goals
  4. I am a success conscious and surround myself with people like me
  5. I am confident to speak at the right moments
  6. I am patient with myself and with others around me
  7. Others are happy that I succeed and I am happy for their success
  8. I am empowered to do my best in every task that I work on
  9. I stay true to my values and genuine character
  10. I attract financial abundance
  11. I am at peace with my colleagues and bosses
  12. I bring great value to my company and people are appreciative of my efforts
  13. I trust in my ability to manifest a successful career with my skills and talents
  14. I am ready to receive more opportunities to display my talents and contribute
  15. I work smart and get the job done in the best way possible
  16. The work I do is valued and appreciated by boss and peers
  17. I attract new clients every day
  18. I am enthusiastic and optimistic about my work
  19. I radiate with success and positivity which I share with everyone
  20. I am a valued employee because of my strong work ethic and positive attitude

Affirmations for Health & Healing

  1. I am getting healthy and stronger everyday
  2. I manifest perfect health by making an effort to live healthy
  3. I am thankful for my good health
  4. I am strong, healthy and on top of my health
  5. I am blessed with energy and vitality to accomplish great things in life
  6. I deserve perfect health and to feel good everyday
  7. I control my own health by taking care of my body
  8. My body and will is stronger than illness
  9. I believe in my ability to manifest healing for my body and life
  10. My body is a temple for health and healing

This article shows how you can manifest health & wellness with the Law of Attraction.

Affirmations for Happiness and Instant Positivity

  1. I choose to be happy and grateful today
  2. My life is a constant stream of happiness and positive vibes
  3. I am blessed with an amazing life, friends and family
  4. I have the power to conquer all my limitations and become the best version of myself today
  5. I am at peace with myself and my
  6. The Universe is conspiring to send unlimited love and happiness my way
  7. I radiate with positivity and love to everyone I meet
  8. I attract only positive thoughts, people and opportunities into my life
  9. My mind is filled with dominating thoughts of positive living
  10. My dreams are coming true every single day

Positive Affirmations for Kids

There’s nothing better than to start programming love and confidence into your kids from a young age. Research show that during the Development Stage of 6-14 years children are the most impressionable. If you manage to imprint into your child’s mind these powerful affirmations, they are likely to stick with him/her throughout the rest of their lives even through the tough times.

Apart from the usual benefits, has reported that teens develop a stronger sense of identity and self-belief when they apply positive affirmations in their lives.

Think about it as planting seeds at a young age! These affirmations help set that foundation for your child to grow up not only physically but also mentally strong:

Affirmations for Younger Children

  1. I am loved and cherished by all
  2. I have a family that will always love and support me
  3. I am safe and protected
  4. I can make my dreams come true
  5. I am kind and helpful
  6. I play well with others
  7. I learn from my mistakes
  8. I am unique and special
  9. I am honest, I don’t tell lies
  10. All my friends and family love me
  11. I am happy and thankful
  12. I never give up
  13. I love being happy
  14. I will get help whenever I ask
  15. There is an answer to every problem
  16. I am brave and smart
  17. I make friends easily
  18. I will always try my best
  19. I surrounded with love and light
  20. I am important to everyone around me

The Best Time to Apply Positive Affirmations

Now that you’ve gone through the list and selected the affirmations that best suit your needs, its time to apply them into your life!

This is the most fun and rewarding part because you will gradually feel the effects working its way into your life and manifesting into your reality.

The best time to recite your positive affirmations is:

The best practice is to find a quiet place where you can be alone and repeat your chosen affirmations out loud to yourself with a smile. Don’t underestimate the power behind the psychology of hearing your thoughts as well as the science that goes behind a smile. If you can find a mirror, it would be good to look straight into it and recite your affirmations so that we engage our visual senses, hearing and cognitive functions.

Remember to apply the Think, Feel & Believe methodology for greater lasting results and impression on your mind.

(Side Note: I’ve been caught a couple of times reciting affirmations out loud in the washroom before. Whilst it’s slightly embarrassing, the nourishment that it brings to my psychological state is well worth the risk! It’s up to you how discreet you want to be ?)

Watch This Inspirational Video on the Power of Words & Affirmations

What are your favorite positive affirmations? Let me know in the comments below! Think it, feel it, and believe it…

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