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Feeling Unmotivated? Learn to Channel Positive Thoughts to Get Productive

There are some days you get up and GO – you roll right out of bed, freshen up, put on the clothes you have meticulously prepared the night before, and finally grab your things and leave the house to seize the day!

However, there are also days where you wake up feeling slumped – your bed seems to have a grasp on your body and it feels like you are unable to shift your body out of bed because you suddenly feel like you weigh a ton!

This may then snowball into an unproductive day of procrastination and low energy. You drag your feet to fulfill your tasks and it seems like everything is moving at a snail’s pace.

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Is that you today?

How do you overcome this negative slump and regain your positive mentality? The Law of Attraction is a powerful force that acts upon your thoughts. What we think about and visualize starts to create an energy flow, and that energy begins to attract similar kinds of energy.

That’s why when you start to focus on how suck-y your day today is, it never seems to get better – it just gets worse! How then, should you turn this bad day around to find your spark, and find yourself, again?

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Use Positive Manifestation to Motivate Yourself – The 3 Step Approach

1. Define

It is very important to clearly define the intentions you want to bring into your life. It could be a new job, a new house, a change in habits and so many more!

Just be clear on what exactly it is you intend to achieve and then make a list of what comes along with it that would make you happy. For instance, if it is a new job you are after, think about what are the potential new offerings that would make you happy – the new environment, the higher salary, the better job title etc.

The goal is to capture all the positive feelings that accrue from achieving this intention (getting fulfillment, feeling worthy, being respected etc) and affirm all the positive thoughts that you feel. Write them all down because research shows that you’re twice more likely to achieve your goals if you simply write them down.

2. Develop

I know it may seem like today is just NOT the day to do anything, but after reminding yourself of your intention and being absolutely CLEAR on what you have defined above, it is time to give yourself 3 minutes (or more) to just sit with your intention and let it GROW.

Let the intentions bloom and allow them to take root within your subconscious mind. Defining your goals and getting in touch with the associated positive feelings is part of the visualization process.

If your goal was to get a new job, you have already defined the role, the place, the environment etc in the above and now, it is time to LIVE IT. You are in your new office space, reclining back to your comfy seat while holding a cuppa in the am, all ready to seize the day.

The more you visualize your intentions, the more you will truly believe that it is coming to you. You must feel that all you want is all you have right now. Convince yourself first, then let the Universe speak to you in ways you would not have imagined.

3. Declutter

After you have done 1 & 2, you need to weed out any obstacles in your way. Did any thoughts unworthy of your goals pop up while you were immersed in your new success?

Acknowledge them but let them go. Understand why these thoughts are limiting your potential and create an action plan to combat them. Are these thoughts about your skills or about your ego?

No doubt, all of us will tend to harbor self-doubt and worry as we step out of our comfort zone BUT the trick is to weed out the unnecessary and focus on what we can improve on to bring us closer to manifest our success.

Recognize that these fears are just the stories we tell ourselves, and the only way to combat them is to drive ourselves with stories that are positive and motivate us. Only then, will you be able to open up and receive the benefits of manifestation.

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Lastly, BE PATIENT. Do all these 3 steps and feel your drive coming back to you. Just 5 minutes to perform all 3 steps and you are now feeling energized to crush your goals and seize the day.

Now, time to manifest away!

Jessica Maine

I am a fitness enthusiast with a strong passion for Yoga, Strength Training and Calisthenics. Venturing into the spiritual realm of manifesting positive intentions is a life journey that I wish to share with all of you. Join me in my stories as we explore and learn to construct positive manifestations to achieve a healthier, happier and more purposeful life.

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