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Use the Law of Attraction for Love this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is that time of the year where love is in the air. Whether or not you’re single, attached or married, everyone deserves to feel and receive love during this special occasion.

But how exactly do you manifest more love during Valentines? Applying the Law of Attraction for love is one of the most powerful ways to increase your love vibration and hence attract affection from your soulmate or loved ones.

Know we know the main concept of the law is that like attracts like. This means that in order for you to receive an abundance of love and happiness, you must first GIVE love. That’s the age old secret to applying the Law of Attraction for more love. By giving more, so to do we receive.

This is a short guide on how you can do just that this Valentine’s day and manifest your special partner or soulmate!

5 Tips to Apply the Law of Attraction for Love

1. Love Yourself As Priority

Many people tend to look outwards for love, acceptance and happiness. They believe that only by “attracting” their special partner into their lives can it then become complete and whole.

This is the wrong way to approach love! Love always starts from within. If you want the Law of Attraction to work in your favor for love then you’ve got to first start with boosting your own self-love. Make sure you cherish, respect and love yourself to the fullest extent.

Don’t mistake this self-love for narcissism. It’s important that you constantly remind yourself that you are deserving of love and all the happiness that life can bring.

The love that you can give to others is defined by that which you show yourself. If you’re struggling internally for your own self-acceptance than the love that you radiate will not be at its fullest potential. These powerful self-love affirmations will help you to do just that.

You’re soulmate will only come to you when you are ready and in a state of high vibration and love potential. Remember, it’s only fair that you give the best of yourself to your potential soulmate as well! So make sure you’re always raising your self-love vibration.

2. Give if You Want to Receive

This is the way that the Law of Attraction works with no exceptions. You can never get something for nothing, so if you want to receive more love then you’ve also got to put it in!

Giving love doesn’t just mean giving expensive gifts to your partner, but even simple things that come from the heart like having a meaningful conversation about your goals or just giving them a lovely massage serves as a great gesture of love.

If you asked me to choose between a hundred dollar gift or some quality time with my wife, I’d chose the latter every single time!

3. Express Your True Feelings

If you’re not often very expressive of your feelings, this is the perfect time to say it. Never underestimate the power that 3 simple words “I love you” can bring and you should never shy away from using them with your loved ones.

Tell them how you really feel and the love that you have for them even if it means going slightly out of your comfort zone. Love is best when shared and not kept to oneself.

Valentine’s day isn’t just for romantic love, it’s the perfect time to show your family that you love and appreciate them as well. Every year I never fail to send flowers to my mother to make her feel loved and cherished as well.

3. Never Focus on Thoughts of Lack

I’m sure you know of people who are constantly comparing their selves to others and focusing on “what others have that I don’t”. These folks can even spend their whole time looking at pictures of others on social media and saying things like “why can’t I get a great husband like her?”.

If you’ve ever felt this way – stop it immediately! Those thoughts are really destructive and may actually be blocking you from manifesting more love into your life. Positivity is the key to applying the Law of Attraction.

4. Don’t Make Valentine’s Day an Obligation

Social media can be a real distraction from the true message of love during Valentine’s day. So often I’ve seen people comparing stuff that their lovers do for them and treating it like a competition, instead of actually enjoying the moment.

It’s good to let go of what society tries to portray of Valentines day and just focus on actually surrounding yourself with feelings of love – within and with out.

Don’t be stressed out or fall into the game of comparison of other people’s experiences. Make your own experience the most meaningful one yet! When you switch your focus from the distractions of the world and are clear on what you really want, the Law of Attraction will start to work much more strongly to manifest true love for you.

5. Adopt Love as a Lifestyle

Even after this special day is over you should keep the love going! Now that you’re love vibration is high, it’s the best time to maintain it long-term.

Focus on giving more love to others and you’ll receive it compounded in return. It’s absolutely astonishing how much you get when you give out just a little.

I hope this post has helped to shed light on how you can use the Law of Attraction to attract more love during this period. it doesn’t matter if you’re single, in a long-term relationship or just fallen in love, just focus on spreading love and you’ll have an amazing Valentines Day!

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