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What is Manifestation? How to Immediately Manifest Your Dreams Into Reality

What Is Positive Manifestation - The Complete Guide to Manifesting

What is Manifestation?

Have you ever heard the saying “thoughts become things”?

Perhaps you’ve wondered how it’s possible for you to bring selected thoughts into reality. This guide is designed to show you what manifestation is, how it works, and the manifestation techniques you can use to bring your thoughts to life.

So what does it mean to manifest something?. To manifest something into reality is to translate your thoughts, feelings and believes into its physical equivalent in the real world. Whilst the Law of Attraction dictates that we attract into our lives whatever we focus on, manifestation is the physical outcome of channeling our thoughts and intentions into something concrete and real.

How Does Manifestation Work?

Manifestation is happening right now as we speak…

The bottom line is, we’re always manifesting. That is to say, that we are constantly creating our own reality based on the thoughts we give life to our minds.

The difference is that people who have not yet grasped this concept are unconsciously manifesting their thoughts and attitudes into their own lives. If their thoughts are filled with skepticism, negativity and a general distaste for life, they unknowingly create their own prisons.

This is why it’s so important to consciously thing and perpetuate positive thoughts that will attract success and opportunities into our lives instead of negative energies.

This knowledge of how manifestation works is so important because it gives you greater perspective and a higher level of consciousness when it comes to controlling your internal environment to ultimately shape the outcomes of the external one.

How to Manifest What You Want

The key to manifestation is regulation of your thoughts.

Whatever thoughts we allow to take root in our minds will surely and eventually be translated into reality.

An important foundation of every successful manifestation attempt starts first with the principle of believe. Every dream, in order to be manifest into this world begins with a single thought that is given life through the spark of believe. This is the starting point for all your manifestation attempts. You’ll see that the subsequent steps to manifestation is focused on building believe.

Effective manifestation isn’t magic (although it is truly fascinating once you realize the extent of power your mind has over your reality), but rather a conscious decision to shape reality by consistent thoughts and actions.

When you do this, you take control of your life making you feel less powerless and dependent on the moods of the external environment.

You’ll also begin to realize that you are responsible for where you are in life right now, good or bad… But the great news is: you also have the power to change it.

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Steps To Manifesting Your Dreams

Let the realization dawn upon you that you possess the incredible power to create your desired reality in any way that you see fit.

If you back your desires with believe and stay consistent in your faith, you can directly influence your mental disposition to make choices and actions that will bring your dream closer to you.

Here at Your Positive Reality, I am dedicated to provide you with a straightforward, easy approach to manifestation. There are thousands of websites out there that are only intended on pushing products and give very little valuable information.

I’ve had first hand experience on how to manifest dreams into reality and have been using the Secret for years. My goal is to tell you all about my experiences and successes that I have had when harnessing the Law of Attraction.

1. Recognize That Manifestation Requires Change

Manifestation Requires Change | What is Positive Manifestation? The Complete Guide to Manifesting.

If you feel like you’re stuck in life and can’t control your situation, you need to recognize that in order for you to achieve the success that you desire you will have to undergo a process of change. There’s no way you can manifest your dream life by staying exactly the same way that you are.

I always love embarking on new goals and targets because it feels like a rebirth. You’ll need to change your mindset, your thoughts and attitudes towards success. By doing so, you are transformed into a new enlightened being capable of acquiring the skills, contacts and resources necessary to bring your dream to life. You must actively chase your personal development in these areas. Cast off all doubt and build immense believe that you will manifest your goal eventually.

Doubt is the weapon of your enemies and will serve you no purpose.

2. Eliminate Your Limiting Thoughts

Eliminate Limiting Thoughts | What is Positive Manifestation? The Complete Guide to Manifesting.

Now that you’ve accepted that positive manifestation requires you undergo a period of change, the next thing you need to do is to remove your limiting thoughts. These are the fears, emotions and attitudes that influence your mind and block you from ever reaching the success that you deserve.

Here are the 6 major fears that most people face:

  • Fear of Poverty
  • Fear of Criticism
  • Fear of Ill Health
  • Fear of Rejection
  • Fear of Old Age
  • Fear of Death

All these fears are derived from deep seated feelings and repressed thoughts like thinking that you’re not good enough, or being afraid that others might scorn and ridicule you. Sometimes we may not even be aware of these limiting thoughts even though it affects us in our daily lives. When we remove these success-blockers, only then can we finally work towards manifesting our dreams.

Click here to that the success-blocker quiz to find our what your major fears and limiting thoughts are and how you can overcome them!

3. Positive Thoughts Breed Positive Outcomes

Positive Thoughts Bring Positive Outcomes | What is Positive Manifestation? The Complete Guide to Manifesting.

The Law of Attraction dictates that by channeling positive thoughts and energies, you too become a magnet that attracts similar opportunities from the Universe.

Perhaps one of the most powerful manifestation techniques is the principle of Autosuggestion. In short, Autosuggestion is the reprogramming of the subconscious mind to remove all negative thoughts and replace them with positive attitudes that will bring you closer to manifesting your goal. Positive affirmations are tool that can help to accomplish this.

The secret to effective positive affirmations is proper phrasing and daily repetition. This article describes in complete detail how to craft your own positive affirmations and the techniques to apply them: The Ultimate List of Positive Affirmations And How to Apply Them Instantly

4. Set Your Gameplan

Set Your Gameplan | What is Positive Manifestation? The Complete Guide to Manifesting.

Once you’ve done the first two steps, you need to get right down to manifesting. Stop procrastinating and start working on your plan to manifest your dream.

Write down what you wish to manifest and when you must manifest it by. Be specific and timely in setting your goals. Once you’ve done this, repeat it to your every single day (morning and night) along with your positive affirmations.

This step is the first test of your willingness to work for your dreams. If you follow these instructions every day, it will not only keep you on the right path, but the constant repetition will build greater believe, confidence and reprogram your subconscious mind to act in a manner that will force the Universe to deliver your dream.

5. Be Part of A Community That Lifts You Up

Be part of a community | What is Positive Manifestation? The Complete Guide to Manifesting.

Jim Rohn said that “you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. Whilst that isn’t always necessarily true, the main message of the verse still stands that we are deeply influenced by the people that we surround ourselves with.

If we truly wish to manifest our goals then we will have to surround ourselves with people and influences that can get us there, instead of those that limit and hold us back. The presence of the community plays an important part in determining if you will be able to successfully manifest your dream. A strong community of like-minded individuals will also prevent you from sinking into any of the limiting thoughts that you have decided to left behind. Manifestation can be a long, arduous journey, especially if we go at it alone. Sometimes having people to motivate, encourage and hold us responsible is a real blessing.

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To help you create your very own positive reality, I’ve prepared the following resources for you. These are a few specific areas in your life that you can immediately improve by applying the Law of Attraction to manifest your desired outcome.

Manifesting In Specific Areas of Your Life

1. Manifest Love and Amazing Relationships

“There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved”

Manifest love into your life

In a world of increasing connectivity, many of us still feel lonely and disconnected from others. Most people don’t realize but when it comes to relationships, your mental disposition is everything.

Learn the psychology, techniques and principles that will harness the Law of Attraction to boost your confidence, build self-esteem and charisma to attract love from others. The guides listed here are designed to show you how the Law of Attraction can be applied to directly improve your love life and build healthy, lasting relationships.

Read these other articles to learn how you can use the Law of Attraction to manifest love and healthy relationships:

2. Manifest Riches, Wealth and Money into Your Life

Money is nothing but the measure of the value that you create for other people

Learn how accumulate wealth and achieve financial freedom so that you no longer have to worry about expenses every month.

Is it wrong to want to more money in your life? I’ve often been asked this question. Yes, money is often associated with greed, avarice and pride which are certainly negative emotions.

But if the focus is on positive thought patterns, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with demanding more out of life. Including money, wealth and abundance.

Riches only appear to those who dare to ask for it. These articles will show you how you can manifest healthy money in your life and start attracting wealth henceforth:

3. Manifest Perfect Health and Well-being

Get Fit, Lose Weight and Find Delicious Well-Balanced Diets

Easily one of the most sensitive topics, losing weight is all about long-term sustainability. Success in health is also developing a healthy mindset coupled with physical fitness.

For many people, the motivation to lose weight is often influenced by negative emotions like guilt and societal pressures. This can lead to eating disorders and that harm you even more.

We’ll focus on strategies that not only help you look great, but also build up your mental outlook and sense of self-worth (which is the most important). You should never have to sacrifice your self-esteem because of others.

These articles will help you adopt a more mindful approach that incorporates both a healthy weight-loss mindset with tested and proven strategies that bring about the best results:

The Best Way to Accomplish Your Dreams is to Just Begin

There are so many different facets of life that you can manifest with a persistent mindset. I have intentionally outlined various categories you may be interested in that can help you in your journey to greatness.

I know it can be a little overwhelming, so I’ve written a guide for you that could serve as a useful starting point. Download your FREE copy of Build Your Positive Reality and learn the 10 secrets to positive manifestation.

Build Your Positive Reality Free Ebook Download
What Is Positive Manifestation - The Complete Guide to Manifesting 2

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