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7 Commonly Used Words that Are Blocking Your Manifestation

The words you use on a daily basis may seem insignificant at first, but they eventually form the foundation of your mental paradigm and what you manifest. This is why it’s so important to use powerful and inspiring words, especially when describing the thing that you want to manifest.

Manifestation is about believe and alignment with the object of your desire. By changing the words you use, you can directly alter they way you see things and develop a powerful perspective that will slingshot you into a high vibe state that’s ready to manifest greatness.

Here are 7 words that are used almost everyday that it might almost become a habit but are actually blocking you from truly manifesting your desires.

Words That Are Blocking Your Manifestation

Words That Block You From Manifesting

What’s common about all these words that have been listed? There are all statements of lack that imply you are not yet in the midst of manifesting your desired outcome and should be avoided as much as possible.

1. I Need

When you say you need something it brings focus to the lack of that particular thing in your life. Using more definitive terms like those below can be much more beneficial to your mindset and vibration.

2. I Want

Similar to “I need”, “wanting” also describes lack and often times wishful sentiments. In fact this term may be more futile. The Law of Attraction doesn’t give you what you want, but rather what you already believe you are. Instead of saying “I want X”, say things like “I am going to achieve X” instead with more purpose and clarity. This certainty is what will trigger your vibration to start attracting positive things.

3. I Wish

I never liked the term “wishing for something” because it always implies that you are a large distance away from the goal right now and it seems out of reach. You don’t use the term “wish” for things that you know you can absolutely get.

For instance when you’re at the ice cream shop you don’t say “I wish I could get an ice cream”. Rather you’ll exclaim with certainty that “I’m getting an ice cream”, because you know for sure that you have the means and capability to achieve it. In a similar light, you need to have strong convictions as well for your manifestations to come true.

4. I Hope

This term is similar to “I wish” and also implies that you can’t seem to get the thing you want easily. Don’t get me wrong, having hope is important. But that’s different from simply “hoping” for things to happen.

The context by which this word is used in is really important. All hopes that founded upon wishful thinking should be discontinued, but having hope in your ability to make your dreams come true is

5. I Desire

All achievement begins with desire and there’s nothing wrong with saying that you desire something at the start of your manifestation journey. However as you progress forward, this word can and should be substituted for words that declare stronger convictions and determination to achieving your goal.

6. I Hate

Hate is the root of all negative vibrations. This word reflects great lack of gratitude and appreciation for positive thoughts. Stay away from hate and always try to seek positive thoughts that will contribute to a heightened vibrational state.

Now that you know the type of words to stay away from when describing your goals and desires, here are several powerful words that you should use to replace those words that are lacking.

Words That Align You With Your Manifestation

These powerful words that convey certainty, persistence and belief should be used as often as possible and spoken with conviction.

1. I Will

“I will” declares certainty towards your goal. Instead of saying futile words like “I want” or “I need”, make the commitment to achieve this goal and the Law of Attraction will work its magic for you. The Universe has a way of making way for the person who knows exactly what he wants and where he is going.

2. I Am

This is one of the most common term used for positive affirmations, and it’s no wonder that it works so great for manifestation. By speaking the words “I am…” followed by whatever it is you want to attract, you are literally creating your reality as you speak.

You are influencing your subconscious mind and altering all limiting beliefs that may have been present when you declare that you are now of this character, quality and vibration. The words “I am” mean that you are speaking and creating reality in the present moment.

It doesn’t matter if you were lacking before, but here in this moment of now, you are powerful. You are whatever you declare yourself to be.

3. I Have

By saying the words “I have”, you acknowledge that you have everything in you to manifest the reality that you desire. This is a declaration to the Universe that you are ready to receive your manifestation and start to attract all the things, opportunities and people that will take you there. It sends a strong signal not only to your conscious & subconscious mind, but also to the rest of the world.

4. I Love

Gratitude is one of the things that will raise your vibration almost instantly. The words “I love” are full of gratitude and positivity that will go a long way in your manifestation journey. Be thankful of your experiences and decalre your love for things more often. You’ll reap the benefits of planting the seeds of gratitude everywhere you go!

The difference between these words and those in the negative list above are very obvious. These 4 words are all statements of purpose and unshakable intent. By speaking them with confidence and believe, you are conditioning your subconscious mind to take the necessary actions needed to make your manifestation come to life.

Speak With Purpose & Gratitude

The most successful manifestors are those that have been able to use the correct words to shape their reality. By consciously making the effort to speak words of gratitude, comfort, appreciation, happiness and kindness you will alter the physical matter around you.

The subconscious mind pays close attention to the words that you use on a daily basis so focus on what you deserve, what you will have, and are already in the midst of manifesting!

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